Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of May

Prince of Persia

Last Thursday, I hang out with my usual besties. We went to Berjaya Times Square to watch Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time. We ate at Secret Recipe; all of us ate noodles, Lukman with Tom Yam Kung, Azery with Sarawak Laksa and I tried the Curry Noodles. All were sedap dan yummy2.. Prince of Persia for me was great except for the ending! They rewind the movie too much until you will feel you only watched it for 15 minutes! However, Jake Gyllenhaal dan Gemma Aterton were both great actors. Menjadi lakonan diorg berdua, sangat romantis over the top until I'm confuse what kind of movie it is (action? romance?). Props, setting sume sgt grand, sgt menepati jalan cerita. Well, Hollywood is always like that right? They got a LOT of budget compared to local films.


On Wesak Day break, my family and I had a kenduri doa selamat at my auntie's place at Segamat. She moved into a new bigger house (2 units renovated to 1 unit). It's hell large occay! got 6 rooms and 4 toilets! Spent our night there with Mak Ina and family as well. Layan Siti yang sentiasa berkepit dgn I. Well, I'm her favourite cousin after all. Menu for the kenduri were nasi dulang (makan nasi dalam dulang uols!). Nasi putih with ayam masak merah, kerabu mangga, nangka masak lemak, ikan masin, telur masin, timun and sambal belacan. All were yummylicious sampai sakit2 perut esok pagi sebab makan ayam merah banyak sgt!

Next morning, we headed to Batu Pahat to my nyai and yai's place. Balik kampung ler...

Back at home, terpaksa kemas2 rumah because my house is currently under renovation. So many dust until my nose sneeze after a while. Sleep early on Saturday and woke up early on Sunday to kemas the house again.

Shrek Forever After

Last night was an impromptu outing. Lukman ajak me to buy Baskin Robin since it's 31st May.. Then I suggested, why don't we watch movie as well? Since alang2 dah keluar, it's better to go out to the fullest right? So we booked Shrek Forever After 3D for the 9 pm show. Dinner at Wendy's trying the new black pepper burger. Then, each of us melantak one pint of Baskin Robin ice-cream each (original price rm25 and discounted to rm17). Lukman with Strawberry Cheesecake + Cotton Candy flavour while I'm more comfortable with Peppermint Chocolate and Chocolate Mousse.

best! sgt lawak!

with 3D glasses


jyu_bonk said...

waaa, dah lmer dh tk tngok wayang 3d T_T

cahaya wawa said...

satu dua tiga.. korang nih mmg kaki jimba kan?? miss malaysia so much.. but can't wait to watch prince of persia after abes xm.. yeahhh!!

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