Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Food

We had a family makan2 last Saturday at Big Food, TTDI Jaya.

It's for my dad's birthday and also Kak Kyra's belated birthday celebration.

There are 2 types of food here, 1 is normal and another 1 is big food. The big food is actually a doubled amount of food in on plate, and of course the price is double as well.

I tried the Grilled Chicken but found it very normal only. Not so great about it. To many veggies until my stomach is fulled of it. The chicken chop was so-so as well. The gravy is the same as mine, all mushroom sauce. I prefer black pepper though. However, the pizza was definitely yummy. The dough is very soft. The assam laksa was quite overspicy.

with Arissa si tembam

Arissa and Mak Long.. same2 tembam.. hihihi..

Umi & Ayah

Arissa haus la mummy.. nak susu.. nyum nyum~

Grilled Chicken

Sufi and chicken chop

The funny part is Arissa. She's so bising that night. Macam2 bunyi dia buat. hahaha... Cute! Plus, she kept on kissing the glass sheet on the table because she saw her reflection on it.


aikasayang said...

auw..she's adorable n cute...
geram2..nak babap pipi dia yg montel tu

Unknown said...


sgt cute..
sgt adorable..
sgt chubby..

cahaya wawa said...

i chubby macam arissa.. am i adorable as well???

Unknown said...

erm.. of course la wawa pun adorable.. sbb wawa kan chubby.. hihi..

~MawaddaH SKIS~ said...


Anonymous said...

hei iwa,
i br jmpe u punye blog,
from your blog, it is obvious that u n you friend badd like SNSD N SUJU
u know what, u also hv the same interest just like me... but, i'm more interested to suju..
i'm very jealous with u when u've got the chance to go suju super show in malaysia...=.=
do u know that snsd hv the new CF with 2pm.. cabi song(caribbean bay)
anyway,your blog is very interesting to me!!
keep up the good work!:)

Unknown said...

eh, baru prasan ade anonymous.. sape ye? pemenat kpop gak tu...

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