Saturday, June 26, 2010

Noodles Station @SACC Mall

Last night, my family went to makan2 at Noodles Station located in the very boring SACC Mall. haha..

It was for my brother in-law's belated birthday celebration since last week, most of us weren't available to celebrate his real birthday. Plus my parents were here last week.

The food here was okay for me. Not so sedap, not so tak sedap. It's balance you know.

Played with Arissa most of the times watching her in action.

minum pakai straw uols.. kelass gtew!

nampak gigi die.. hehe..


amirahms said...

aku pnah gi yang kat alamanda... food die mmg so-so aje...huhuhu.. tp service mmg x memuaskan..

Unknown said...

haah.. so-so sgt.. tp kt cni service ok..

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