Monday, June 14, 2010

Trip to North - Perlis & Kedah

Last Friday, Lukman, me and other several girl friends went to the Northern part of Malaysia to attend Najwa's sister's wedding on Saturday. Even though, our destination was not the same (boys and Bee turun at Alor Setar while Aimi and the gang turun at Kangar), we still boarded the same bus.

The journey was very very long long long very very long.. long! Plus the kid in front of me and Lukman kept on kacauing us. He wanted to play with us but both of us pura2 tidur.. haha.. The kid's name is Danish. Nama nak moden je..

I stayed at Lukman's Along's house at Alor Setar, near the plaza tol Alor Setar (U). There are 4 cute kids in the house and the all were peramah except the baby. He kept on crying seeing stranger at the house. Hehehe.. We watched World Cup together (Africa vs Mexico) before we retired to bed.


After having roti canai as our breakfast, we headed to Kangar by using Lukman's new car he bought from his brother in-law. I took about one-hour to reach Kangar since we were uncertain the correct way to Kangar. But luckily I still remembered the way since I used to study at Perlis before.

Arrived at the wedding at noon after picking up Bee at Jitra. The menu was scrumptiously yummy yummy. The kurma beef was very tender. The ayam was sedap. The air sirap also sedap.

After melantak, we helped Najwa's family distributing the doorgift; a paperbag with some foods inside and sumi. We all gilir2 to distribute the things. At first; Aimi, Faeza and Hafizah. Then they took some rest. After that, Lukman, Bee and I took their job. The sweets for children finished up so fast so we ended up not giving anything to the kids who attend the wedding.

We lepak2 inside the house, camwhoring on the pelamin. The hantaran also were there.

We left the wedding at 5 pm after all the guests had returned home. We all got special paperbag which contains bunga telur, porcelain cups and some foods. Walaaa~

At night, we played Saidina with Lukman's nephew. Damn, I kalah ye.. Muflis after Syahmi.. haha.. Faiz won the game, Lukman pon kalah ye.. hahaha...


As planned, we all went to Padang Besar, Perlis for shopping. I'm not sure what's so interesting in Padang Besar but this place is a shopping place for makcik2.. haha.. We spend about 3 hours here menahan cuaca panas some more. I bought fridge magnets and some foodstuffs. Lukman bought Argentina t-shirt (it's not jersey I think). The girls bought everything..

The, we went to Gua Kelam with intention to board the train inside the cave. However, we were so unlucky today because the train was temporary closed. Maintenance agaknye..

So we ended up using the Titi Gantung. The atmosphere inside the cave was very cold.

Then, we drove back to find place to have lunch. At first we went to Tok Mek Restaurant, but so many people were there. We ate some mango harum manis jelly before we headed back to Kangar to find other place to eat. Fatin's corner also closed so finally we went to KFC to eat. Hahaha..

After sending the girls back to Najwa's house, we went back to Alor Setar to grab our stuff's at Lukman's Along's house before we continued our journey to KL.

We took turn in driving. Lukman drove the first while I drove the last half. Worse, I drove in heavy rain so cannot pecut laju2.. Dropped by perhentian Bukit Gantang to buy fruits then at Sg. Perak we had our simple dinner. So many people at the R&R, I guessed because it's school holiday and it's Sunday some more. We ate mushroom soups with garlic breads and fries.

Near KL, I passed the car back to Lukman. Arrived at Vista at 1 am. Urghh, so tired.. =_=


~MawaddaH SKIS~ said...

lukman beli keta..
ni yg bez ni(apsal aku ttba nak bes.haha)

NikTim said...

lame x pegi gua kelam ..

cahaya wawa said...

eeee, dah tua2 pun kalah main saidina.. =P eh btw, u mmg dah pakai spec dengan kerapnya ye?? hurmm.. i hate to wear mine, but what to do.. kabur kalau x pakai spec, xleh nk salin notes..=((

Unknown said...

jah: ntahnye, awat hang excited sgt ni??

niktim: xde mende pon kt gua kelam tu.. haha..

honey: i pakai fulltime ye skang.. malas nk cabot2 dah..

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