Saturday, January 2, 2010

We're Going!

I guessed we are going!

Go where???


I had been our dream such a long time ago to watch this prestigious event LIVE but we never got the chance because we didn't know where to get the tickets.

Anis told me that in the paper, the tickets are available for free starting from 31st December, plus it's FREE!

To be exact, we did go to Sri Pentad, Bandar Utama on the 31st but in vain because the guard said that the tickets were not here yet. He asked us to came back tomorrow or the day after. WTH??? Just wasting fuel to go there.

Then, yesterday I came back to Sri Pentas with my brother and luckily got 4 tickets after confronting a nagging mak guard there.

the tickets - For me, Anis, Fariz and ???? (still hasn't decide who's the other one)

This year's AJL is quite different form the previous ones because there will be no more category awards like Pop Rock, Balada and Etnik Kreatif.

Here's are some of the finalists for AJL:

Fariz's favourite

Ridhwan's favourite

Anis' favourite

Helmy's favourite

No one's favourite I guess...

Aleen's favourite

Other finalists:

Hujan - Aku Skandal
Aizat - Kau Aku and Pergi [2 songs]
Alyah - Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang
Hafiz - Masih Jelas
Black - Aku Rindu Sayang Kamu
Stacy - Pakai Buang
Tomok - Rindu Terhenti

I'm not sure which song I like the most.. Hmm...


LoLLy~ said...

and tuttttt
nak faizal tahir,wuwu

Unknown said...

eh, ko kn ske shila.. hak3..

anisz said...

aku suka bunkface gak..
yuna pon ok..kate support je..

nway, thx hzwn..muahxs =)

LoLLy~ said...

apesal aku suke akim plak?hua3

Unknown said...

hak3.. sekati aku la nk bubuh ko ske sape fariz.. ini kn blog aku..

Azril Azizi said...

nak pergi gak AJL..ak x pnah pun pergi AJL..T_T

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