Saturday, January 30, 2010

My First...

Gundam Kit!

This was my first time constructing a Gundam. It was enjoyable. It took me 1 hour to build this small Gundam.

The model is:

1/144 Scale Model HG Gundam 00-03

Actually I buy this Gundam after I saw Ridhwan bought one. Just wanna try. I hope it won't make me addicted because it is such a costly hobby. Need a lot of money to collect his toys. Transformers itself had cost me a bunch of money.

I didn't really know the characters in Gundam either the robots or the pilots. I bought this one because it look nice plus, it's green in colour. To those who doesn't know, I like green very much. My bag, pencil case, water bottle, pencil, all green in colour. :D

Btw, yesterday we had a family outing consists of Anis, Cipak and Tikah. Tikah just came back from Aussie and went to Bukit Jalil to visit us. We brought Tikah to Times Square, though at first we were planning to go to Midvalley. But at that hour, all taxis refused to take us there due to traffic jam.. :(

Anis, Tikah & Cipak

having dinner at 10th Avenue


LoLLy~ said...

ya Allah, wjud beca kan kat situ,lolz

Unknown said...

haah.. tetibe ade beca lak dlm times squrare tu..

aikasayang said...

bapak mau gmbr yg lain...tq

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