Friday, January 8, 2010

Vampire Sucks!

Cirque du Freak : Vampire's Assistant do SUCKS! It was totally superbly extremely BORING. The storyline was very slow with no significant climax. Just wasting our money watching this movie yesterday.

Actually I was planning to watch Sherlock Holmes but Lukman already watched it. We went to Times Square, Low Yatt and also Pavilion. Since the showtimes at Times Square were kinda ridiculous, we went to Pavilion instead.

Yesterday's outing was full of eating.

Firstly, I accompanied Lukman to have lunch at Oldtown. I already had lunch before, so I ordered white coffee and double toast.

Then, we accompanied Azery who was hungry like hell to have snacks at a stall near Animetech. He had a Chicken Paratha and we pau a bit. It was quite delicious.

We had dinner at Papa John's and tried out several food. Chicken BBQ pizza, breadstick, cheesestick, pocket pizza (pepperoni & mushroom) as well as onion rings.

After watching the lame movie, we had a supper at Secret Recipe Bukit Bintang. I had walnut brownies while Azery tried the raspberry cheesecake.

It was a really tiring outing. We ulang-alik from Times Square to Pavilion like twice... WALKING!


lukman said...

oh my dolce & gabbana! cam aku plak yg berslh kn cos ko x dpt tgk abg robert! huhuhu....
tp mmg sgt bosan cte yg kte tgk tu.... i was like..... tlg r nk kuar cpt! the hall had become a torture room! huhuhuhu.....
btw, i like the lepaking thingy at secret BB.... like the 'dimple one' and the way u guys acted to search for the phone no on the tissues... i looooiiiikkkkkkeeeesssssss!!!!!

Unknown said...

hahaha.. i loooiiikkkeessss it too.. mmg bising gle kot kte aritu.. dlm cinema bising, jalan2 bising, makan2 bising2.. smpai akak transeksual tu pandang slek kt kte kann.. horror sgt..

lukman said...

dinch kakak transsex tu!

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