Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pizza Milano

As my mom was now officially retired from school, my family and I went to celebrate my mom at Pizza Milano, One Utama.

This was my first time eating here. The food was okay for a reasonable price. Not too expensive, I think students also afford to dine here.

I tried the Spaghetti Marinara which is basically a seafood pasta. We ordered 2 large pizzas as well. I pau my brother's Fettucini Carbonara and also Lasagna. They were all very delicious but the carbonara seem to be a bit salty.

Arissa with nenek

"Mummy, Arissa wanna eat also.."

Arissa at her best mood.. Cute eh? Like princess..

After that, we went to Jusco to find mom's a gift.


cahaya wawa said...

happy belated bday mama iwa...

YOGA LIFE said...

Hi...let me share my first experience and it would be my last experience in Pizza MIlano!!

today On Wed, 17 June 2010.
Was the last week of school holiday.
I took my kids and niece for casting at ttdi.
Then we headed straight for lunch in 1 utama.
You know kids will be very fussy in their meal. One prefer Mc Donald. And another prefers Pizza.

I personally feels like pizza. So i ordered a burger for my daughter. And we headed for pizza milano.
We managed to order 2 pizza and 2 drinks whIle my daughter is having her burger.
To my surprise a guy came to our table and said she is not allow to bring outside food here.
Come on! she was only 5 yrs old...and i cant just asked her to throw it away and ask her to stop eating coz she is hungry!

The man insisted us to leave the place and cancel off all our ordering!! I have to pay for my 2 drinks and leave that place right away!! and the restaurant there are not even full as it was a weekday. I can only sees 2 table being occupaid.

I just could not believe it that ...the management actually prefer loosing their customer and cancelling our order just by maintaining their standard where no outside food are allowed...which is just a burger!

I will not patronage this kind place nor even step in it anymore!!

Pizza milano certainly sucks!! in their customer service! hoping it will tumble down soon!!!!

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