Monday, January 11, 2010

Fariz's Dora-Day

Allah selamatkan kamu, Allah selamatkan kamu, Allah selamatkan Farah Izyan, Allah selamatkan kamu...

Happy Birthday Farah Izyan aka Fariz!

Sweet 21

Today, we had a small birthday celebration with my gang as usual. We went to not so glamourous Endah Parade to dine at KFC. Since tonight still got orientation for juniors, so we couldn't go out to further place.

Wanji couldn't joined us due to his commitment onto his juniors for orientation purpose.

At night, we went to see our juniors performed for dresscode day which was themed Meet the Outcast.


LoLLy~ said...

eh, mcm aku da komen? x komen g eh? thx hazwan..!! :)

Unknown said...

blom.. ko malas.. haha..
bday ko da laku baru ko nk komen ye..

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