Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I know today is Tuesday, but I'm gonna blog about my weekend. Just got mood to write this post. Too lazy since my holiday only got few days left. :(

Ahh, malasnya nak balik IMU..


Last weekend, I followed my parents to balik kampung at Johor; one at Batu Pahat and one at Johor Bahru. On the way to JB, we dropped by Mak Induk's house at Segamat, and my mom also got things to buy at Jakel. We bought cloth for our baju raya next year.

Mak Induk cooked spaghetti for our brunch and later she made us assam pedas. Yummy~

One day later..

During our journey back to Shah Alam, my sister had asked my mother to drop me and my younger brother to her house because she had promised us to bring us jalan2. It's the only weekend that I got to jalan2 with her because next weekend (my very last weekend of holiday), we'll go to somewhere else.

We played with her new kittens, namely Fiffy and Bibi (just a suggestion, not sure whether it's permanent or not). The kitties are very cute. One male and one female.

meet Fiffy and Bibi

Then, we went out to jalan2.

Firstly, we went to The Summit USJ, and had our lunch at Johny's.

Then, we went to Subang Square, planning to go to Toyworkers but in vain. The shop was closed. Cis, I'm so wanted to see the shop.My brother in-law said the it's full of toys... Lol..

After that, we headed to Tropicana City Mall. Also to jalan2 at the toy shops there like Brickboy Brother and Toys R Us.

Later, we went to Cheras Leisure Mall. My brother in-law bought some toys and I bought an Optimus Prime keychain.

Then, we went back home.

Ahh, so penat...


cahaya wawa said...

still addicted to toys..come on babe, you're 20 tau..huuu..btw miss u like hell..

Unknown said...

ala.. org dewasa la kumpul toys sbb byk duit.. hehe.. ni la hobi mahal..

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