Sunday, November 29, 2009

Amino Acid Day

Last week, after having a Biopharmacy lab (not really a lab, since we did it in seminar room)..

Today's lab is kinda interesting. Like playing lego.. Our task was to make a model of amino acid alanine, protein, alpha helix, beta sheet and did the hydrogen binding. I paired up with Fariz while Anis with Bee. Since today was Irene's birthday, there's a romantic scene between her and Woon Chit. Woon Chit gave her a necklace and put it on her in the room. So sweet.. Dr. Leong was also very sporting. He also took pictures with the students.

our toys for today's lab

D-alanine and L-alanine. Poodles~

Alanines interbreed and release a water molecule

After lab, Bee suggested something to us. She asked us to teman her to go to Midvalley to buy present for her sister. She's not just asking, more like to forcing us to join her. Actually we all have nothing to shop in Midvalley. Because we were kinda free, so we decided to follow her. Thanks Anis for belanja us the taxi fare.

There, we spent most of our time waiting for Bee, mostly to shoes shops like Vincci, and some other shops which I didn't even bother to remember their names.

We had dinner at Food Garden again. This time, I tried the Thai menu. Anis and I actually wanna try the Sam Sam Korean, but that day, the stall got too many so-called tourists. Haha, no la, just a bunch of students who didn't know what Korean food are about until the owner need to explain one by one. Losers! hahaha...

Rice + Sweet and Spicy Chicken, Tom Yam, Omelette and Kangkung Belacan = RM 12

Cheesecake. Bee bought this.

3 dara pinggitan.. nak ngorat bleh?

Before we went back, we dropped by Big Apple to bought several donuts for our roomies.


LoLLy~ said...

boleyh ngorat...lagi2 yg tepi kiri, sgt available :)

Unknown said...

ooo.. sgt available.. ade can la ni.. hehe.. :p

LoLLy~ said...


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