Monday, November 9, 2009

New Semester plus Exotic Day Out

Well, our 3rd semester just started. During our first day today, we only got semester overview by Mr. David Chong and also Introduction to Physical Pharmacy by Dr. Er Hui Meng.

Just simple classes today, no heavy things. And the most important, no afternoon class.

During lunch, Duwe requested to celebrate his belated birthday since we never celebrate his birthday since Intec. That's because his birthdays were always fell on holidays.

After a quick planning, plus several times of divergence to out-of-topic things, we finally agreed to celebrate Duwe's birthday at Midvalley.


After a quick heavy rain, we butted of from Vista to Midvalley by taking cabs.

We did a survey on what should we had our celebration. Duwe suggested to eat something exotic, not a common food such as fast food or food from normal restaurant. We walked around Midvalley and The Gardens to find a good spot to had our celebration. Finally, after rejecting Flying Chillies, and a Korean Restaurant, we found our place at Food Garden. It's a food court in the Gardens which has a lot choices of international food. After toured around the place, we decided to come back later since we didn't fell hungry yet.

Before that, we had a quick bites at Big Apple, eating donuts.

After performing our Asar prayer, we started our main agenda. While a bunch of us were walking towards the Food Garden, Anis and I quietly got off the group and buy a cake and a present for Duwe.

Later, we rejoined the group at the Food Garden and had our early dinner. It's about 5.30 pm at that time.

Anis, Duwe, Fariz and I tried the Japanese food, Cipak with Korean's, while Aleen and Wanji tried the locals. Well, not really exotic, but it's something that we don't eat everyday.

The food was yummy, I managed to finished the meal (the boys finished earlier than girls of course). Aleen was struggling to finished her unfinished prawn noodle, but unsuccessful. Wanji's drink was the most exotic drink today, which is the iced fruit cocktail.

Then, it's a cake time! This time, we bought American Chocolate cake. However, we couldn't finished it all and packed it home.

Happy Birthday Duwe! May all your wishes come true!


Then, I accompanied Duwe to buy a new earphone.

Fariz dengan muka tak malu mencuba mesin urut kaki di kedai OSIM

Next time, I need to restrain myself from getting out again since my money is running low. Cannot spend a lot when going out. Huhu..


cahaya wawa said...

do you know how much i miss the big apple and j-co.. wuuuwuuuuwuuu... **menangis**

Unknown said...

ala ciannye die.. bukak la cwgn big apple kt manipal.. sure laku abes.. hehe..

aikasayang said...

baca title tu kan..igtkan bapak btul2 makan makanan ular ke buaya ke...terkejut jgk...hehe..

Unknown said...

tula, anis pn teringin nk try ular goreng tepung.. tp xde jual la.. hehe..

aikasayang said...

ha? ular goreng tepung? sedangkan belut pon anak dah geli..inikan pula ular..yewww....hehe...bapak, best la tmpmt yg bapak gi ni..nk g jgk la(one day)

Unknown said...

hehe.. ala tikah,, ni food court je sbnrnye.. nnt tikah balik, ktrg bwk tikah.. mcm2 mknn ade.. thai, korea, jepun, mesia..

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