Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hari Keluarga Siri 2 : 2009

This was the second family day from my mother's side this year. The first one was on the last March.

This time, this event took place at Kayns Resort, Port Dickson.


After all of us had checked-in, we all rested a bit in our room. I joined my brothers to mandi at the beach. And it's raining. I know it's quite dangerous especially when the water current and tides were quite strong, but it was an enjoying thing to do. It's boring if we just stayed in the room. When the rain was getting heavier like bomb drops, we moved to the swimming pool.

At 6, the event started. Some activities were conducted to fill our time. My mom and my aunts were the ones who plan the activities.

We got:

Slide shows of the photos from the past.. Really old photos..

Impromptu performance (kids & teens but the teens never participated, we were too shy)

Tazkirah after Maghrib prayer

BBQ dinner..
Chickens, beefs, lambs, sausages, fishes, fried rice, fried noodles, salads, mushroom soups, bubur kacang hijau, fruits, asam boi drink, coffee
Got a LOT of leftovers..

Health talk by Mak Ina.. About diabetes..


Guessing items

Lucky draw and lucky names
Never lucky one! :(

Musang berjanggut (separating of mixed spices according to types)
My family got 2nd place!


Tazkirah after Subuh prayer

Tiup belon
I got 2nd place. Yeay!

Ice cream eating. Sape habis cepat die menang..

Anyam ketupat

Menggubah sapu tangan

Menulis karangan pendek

After we were done with all the activities, it's beach time! Almost all of us serbu the laut. Some of us try to learn how to swim, some did floating, some celup2 kaki and some already terer swimming.

Our lunch today was Negeri Sembilan menu; daging masak lemak cili api, ikan sambal, ayam goreng and sayur2.

Ahh, my body is still aching from the swimming. I rarely swim because I not really got at it. Sikit2 bleh la..

*I'm writing this post at my sister's house. My parents extended one more day at Port Dickson. Really don't want to go back to Vista. :(


cahaya wawa said...

srnook nye family day.. :))) jom balik nih kite lumba swim... gue sudah pro swim2 nih... weeehuuu

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