Sunday, November 22, 2009

Live Love Life

No idea what to put for the title. Sorry honey for ciloking your blog title.. lol.. :p

2 weeks of our third semester had passed through.

My things has accumulated in my brain such as Microbiology, Pharmacology, Physical Pharmacy, Biopharmacy and Malaysian Studies. Yes, we are taking Malaysian studies, and the best thing is there's no exam for it. We just need to make a project to passed this subjects. As for now, we are in the process of choosing and voting for the committee members.

We were done with the second draft of Foundation Pharmacy project, but the final draft are also coming up next.

Money is running low. So, I cannot go out as always as I used to be when my pocket is full of money.

However, last Saturday I asked my sister to bring me out because I got to redeem my Toys R Us gift vouchers. So we went to One Utama to chill out. There's nothing left to buy at Toys R Us, so I just kept my vouchers for now. Its validity is 3 months from the date of issue. So, in January I still can use the vouchers in case new toys will be out in the store later.

Then, we went to Anime Tech to see if there are new toys on the shelf and yes, they have some new toys. Voyager Bludgeon was out already but I'm not interested. My eyes kept looking at the loose Voyager Long Haul. Then, my brother in-law generously offered me the toy. Without thinking twice, the Long Haul is mine. :)

Long Haul. I managed to transform it without the manual. :)

We had our dinner at Nyonya Colors. The food was awesome and the price was really reasonable. I tried the Thailand Mee Siam with Honey Chicken. Only RM8.90 and I got 2 pieces of chicken. It was really worth eating.

Still got a lot to read in Breaking Dawn, I'm so lazy to read it. And New Moon is coming up in theatre next week. Stupid, how am I supposed watch it when I'm busy with Aidiladha and family day? Huhu..

As usual, I did the designing part

Haven't done the tag from Parish, Anish and Mirahsh yet. Got no mood.. -_-


anisz said...

ehem2..cantik title..mende u ni laling? leh saman copyright nih..since ko dh pokai so samannya beropa a kiss on da cheeks..agaga..gilas gatal..sib baek tade cousins aku yg bce blog ko

Unknown said...

haha.. nk kiss? nnt i naik eh bilik u.. hehe..

anisz said...

hak3..ada beranikah? o.O

cahaya wawa said...

woahhh.. nyonya colours pnye kueh sedap2 even mahal seket dari kueh2 kat pasar.. wuuwuuwuu... wah2 kiss nih...ini sudah lebeyh.. heeee =P

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