Friday, November 6, 2009

Too Italian? Too much?

We had a family dinner at Italiannies, Sunway Pyramid to celebrate Angah's birthday.

We tried out several menus such as Classic Carbonara, Chicken and Beef Lasagna and a couple of pizzas.

Another pizza
A very creamy carbonara

The food portion were huge. One serving can be enjoyed by 3 hungry people. Luckily we didn't order one food one person. If that happened, I'm sure our stomach will burst. Poooffff!

I think the food are nice and okay. Because of all the food contain cheese, at one time my throat couldn't accept the food anymore. I became muak already. Is it too cheesy?

Luckily got bottomless iced lemon tea. We could drink continuously to ease our full stomach.

I played a lot with Arissa today. I sergah her for the first time and she's kinda shocked, but astill remain cute.

Cutie pie Arissa



Misz SeroJa said...

sgt comelllllll arissa..suke3..;p

LoLLy~ said...

cm shedap jek...nyum3...mesti mahal,wuwu

Unknown said...

miss seroja konon : mmg arissa sgt cute!

lolly : mmg mahal pon.. tp kn set lunch die murah.. ade yg rm 13.90 (main dish, soup, ice lemon tea).. bleh la try.. hehe..

LoLLy~ said...

apekah main dish nye..??

Unknown said...

ala, ape lg main dish italy? mestila spageti.. lasagna ke.. pizza ke..

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