Friday, June 5, 2009

Trip to Jakarta - Bandung

Just came back from Jakarta yesterday.. It was very tiring.. Mostly went to shopping places and required a lot of walking..

Day 1 - Jakarta - Bandung

with Atih just before we departed

at the Soekarno-Hatta airport

A soon as we arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at Jakarta, we directly headed to Bandung which took about 3-4 hours by bus. Our tour guide was our beloved one, Pak Sono. He has been our tour guide for quite a many times.

Lunch at Salero Jumbo, where we were served the nasi padang. Basically, plain rice while a lot choice of dishes.

Along and her husband

my beloved parents

We went to the leather shops, Stock Center and also Toko Tiga.. yes, all shops! In Stock Center, I didn't buy anything because the sizes all cannot fit me. The S size also larger than the usual S. Then, at Toko Tiga where we could buy original Levi's Jeans at a low price, I grabbed a t-shirt only. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on jeans, even though I said it was cheaper, but the price still high for me, about more than RM100 (in Malaysia, original Levi's could be RM300).

Then, we had our Sunda dinner at Restoran Dapur Sankuriang. They served mainly seafood such as gurame fish (tilapia) and also fried cuttlefish.

Dapur Sangkuriang

We checked in Hotel Perdana Wisata. I've been to this hotel before, about two or three years ago. So, I'm quite used to this hotel.

Day 2 - Tangkuban Parahu

sipping tea at breakfast

Early in the morning, we started our journey to Tangkuban Parahu, the inactive volcano. We just took some photos here, nothing to buy. But my mom bought a tongkat for my grandmother and also a couple of senduk.

my family


After that, we went to more stock center and also Pasar Baru to shop some more. We were given several hours here and that what made me tired of walking. My siblings and I just had a quick tour around the market and then we lepak at a nearby restaurant until all of our group members had gathered.

at bus
feeding fishes

Dinner at Dapur Sangkuriang again, but this time we met our cousin, Kak Nora hera and her husband. She arrived in Bandung one day later than us.

Day 3 - Bandung - Puncak - Jakarta

Today, it's the time to head back to Jakarta but through Puncak. It was a different route from our first day. It's a mountain road and the weather was colder. Bandung also much colder than Jakarta because it is located a little above sea level.

We dropped by a snack shop to buy some snacks of course such as malinjau crackers, dried fish and many others. We had a quick drinks here when the others were busy shopping the food.

dad shopping some snacks

Lunch at a restaurant on the mountain, Restoran Rindu Alam. Sunda food again but got fried noodles, and also gado-gado.

Then, we visited Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, a big area where all Indonesian type of houses were displayed here. The real houses, not just miniatures. A Sumatera Barat area, there's a monkey doing a bit of performances with some accessories.

In the evening, we shopped again at ITC Cempaka Mas. We had Es Teller here at our favourite restaurant, Es Teller 77. As usual, I ordered Soda Gembira while the others enjoyed their Es Teller. Es Teller is a desert made of a mixture of avocado, coconut and also jackfruit with coconut milk and ice while soda gembira is much like sirap bandung in Malaysia.

After finishing our tour today, we checked in Lumire Hotel, a 4 star hotel (before, it was known as Aston Atrium). It was also one of my favourite hotel because it served a huge variety of food for breakfast plus it is located just besides Plaza Atrium where we can shopped there.

Dinner at Salero Jumbo again, but this time not nasi padang, but seafood.

Day 4 - More Shopping

Shopping at Tanah Abang.

Tanah Abang

Shopping at Pasar Pagi & ITC Mangga Dua.. Here, buy a dozen or kodi (20 pieces) could make the price cheaper.

Buy some tees just to waste some money. Seriously, I didn't know what else to buy except clothes...

Dinner at Restoran Indah Kuring where we were served seafood again. Then, we met Kak Nora again and took several photos.

Retired to bed after a whole day of shopping...

Day 5 - Finale

Nothing much happened today since it's our last and short day..

Before we went to airport, we had a quick shopping at Matahari in Plaza Atrium just a walk away from the hotel. Matahari is just like Jusco in Malaysia. I bought a couple of tees again but this time, I pau my dad's credit card..

Check-in at the airport sure took a lots of time. Plus, some of us got excess baggage, which made the process longer. Excess 1 kg costed about Rp 40000 (approx RM12). But our group got extra 30 kg.. I wonder how much they paid, because my family's luggage didn't exceed the limit. I heard that there's a mak cik who bought 20 telekung..

Arrived at LCCT at 6.15 pm, then we separated into two cars. I followed my sister while my brothers followed my parents.

The outcome of this trip:
1. 7 tees
2. 1 shirt

Our tour guide, Pak Sono was admitted to ICU on the 3rd day because of his bad health condition (of course!) due to diabetes and also semput (asthma).. My mom said that he chewed chewing gum continuously during the travel.. Maybe that's the reason his sugar level in blood increased..

I hope he will get better soon.. my mom was planning to go to Jakarta again in August to visit him..


cahaya wawa said...

wah... sronok ye kamu dah cutih. isk3.. kt sni tgh pnin nk piki xm **piki lah sangat** hehehhe.. btw, cousin aku ade wat small business.. barang2 from US.. nih blog die

Unknown said...

ooo.. exam ooo exam.. kenapa engkau wujud.. hehe..

ape cousin ko jual? bayi haram? hehe..

Anonymous said...

Bagaimana saya meminta Anda untuk rincian lebih lanjut? needda posting Great tahu lebih banyak ...

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