Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers Again

Hahaha.. I watched Transformers again, but this time, with my sister, brother in-law and younger brother. We watched the 11.30 pm show at GSC Tropicana City Mall.. We got a 'very nice' seat which were on the most front! Sakit leher pandang atas *sigh*

We also dropped by Brickboy which is a toy shop to survey some toys. Surprisingly, they sell Transformers toys from Takara which are more expensive than the Hasbro, but of course their quality is better. Optimus Prime Leader Class priced RM259.90 (Takara), but usually the Hasbro one cost RM219.90. Quite much different in price though..
Mimpilah aku kalau nak beli.. Wuuu...

My brother in-law also gave me a set of Devastator toys from G1..

toy display at GSC

Ahh, feels good watching it twice!



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