Sunday, June 7, 2009

Balik Kampung

Just came back from Johor Bahru to attend 2 wedding and also to pick up my grandmother. She's going to stay with us for a while. My mom is going to bring her to sauna for treatment. Her health condition isn't very good. She's got high blood pressure and also some serious gastric. She also need to control her food consumption or she will get dizzy and melayang-layang.


My cousin's wedding, Linda at Taman Pulai Utama..

The theme was green, but we didn't follow the theme. Only the close family members did so and also my mom.

I helped a bit by bringing the used plates and glasses to the washers (mostly Syikin's school friends). The pengantin came at about 2.30 pm with the kompang.

The weather was very hot today. I sweat a lot!


My cousin's wedding, Man at Batu Pahat.

Just came to makan-makan only.

The weather was quite different from yesterday. It was raining by the time we got there. I didn't see the pengantin there, maybe still the make up room.

My brother in-law still sick since from Jakarta.

and both wedding were from my paternal sides because my paternal sides of relatives are more developed and still expanding. Still, I couldn't remember my relatives names, especially the young ones.


cik violet said...

sebab pe xkenai saudara mara?
sebabnye kena la tdo umah nyai lame sket ble ade kenduri kndara..
atleast ley borak2 ke ape...
btol x?

Unknown said...

ye, tepat skali! hehe..

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