Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Semester

Haish.. Don't feel like wanna study yet, but what to do.. My 5-weeks breaks don't seem enough for me..

What's interesting during the first week?

Well, we had to study Bahasa Melayu.. Plus English also..

Bahasa Melayu? It's kinda weird when we first entered the class. The teacher was quite nice also, but the first task for our very first lesson was to write a short essay. Topic? Whatever you wanna write, just write it down.. I just wrote about my holiday which was my travel to Indonesia several weeks ago.

I haven't attented English class yet, I don't what it's gonne be like..

Plus, no exemption for Bioscience final exam this semester. Strathclyde already change the rule, thereforem our final paper will consist of Physiology and Bioscience only.. We also had a briefing by our beloved dean, Peter Pook.

Then, today, we had a 15 minutes intoduction of Statistics and also a cancelled class for Physiology.. Urghh, just wasting my energy walking to IMU..

I started reading Eclipse after I forced myself to read it. Actually I just finished reading New Moon during the last break. It's gonna take longer time to finished it since I got no mood to read it at all...


Helmy, one of my best friends (I wonder how many best friends do I have), fell sick today, and asking me to bring him to clinic. He's feeling dizzy, and got other severe symptoms such as regular vomitting and minor diarrhea. He did looked bad today, and restless.. So weak.. Until I need to hold him to walk..

I hope he'll get better soon.. So that we can have a good time again together..


LoLLy~ said...

ciannye helmi,huhu~
may he get well soon

cahaya wawa said...

funny thing.. u had BM class like our old days at secondary school?? woaahhh.. luckily i din enter IMU.. BM make me sickkk..

Unknown said...

haha.. ok je BM. cume menambah beban jek.. huhu..

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