Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Day Out

There's no class yesterday, so my housemates (Wanji & Duwe), went to watch Transformers revenge of the Fallen at Suria KLCC. We had booked the tickets earlier, so no worries about not getting the tickets.

The show was at 4.30 pm but we came early to jalan2 around the place. Actually, we were planning to visit the Skybridge and also Petrosains just to kill some times before the show started. However, there's no more tickets for Skybridge. I just knew that only 1640 free tickets available each day. Then, sadly we went to Petrosains but then, there's so many rombongan sekolah that day. Maybe about 2 or 3 schools came. Haishh.. Cancel the plan again. Then we all blank.. Didn't know what to do next.

Harap Maaf Tiket Habis

Then, we went inside Kinokuniya just to look around, searching for interesting things to read or buy but nothing was bought here. We went to Toy 'R' Us to play some toys.. Hahaha.. So childish..

Transformers ROTF toy display at Isetan

At 4.30 pm, our friend from Sabah, Mel, still hadn't arrived. He arrived several minutes later rushing to the TGV to catch us. I went inside first because I couldn't stand anymore, my legs were too tired..

and the movie, it was GREAT! AWESOME! MARVELLOUS!
I really love this movie. There's so many Transformers, many fighting scene also. Love the big wheel robot, Demolishor. Sideswipe also was very cool especially in battle (using blades).. Arcee which are the 3 female bike robots were not as I expected. I thought she will be a Combiner but she's not. Previously, I read that Arcee was made of 3 female robots (pink-Arcee, blue-Chromia and purple-Moonracer), but only Arcee's name was mentioned during the film. And Devastator was huge and cool (gonna get the toys later, if I have extra money).. The twins (Skids and Mudflap) also very funny. Always got into trouble but they were good fighters. There's at least 2 sets of Constucticons, one combined into a giant Devastator and other sets (individual robots) involved in battle at the desert. It was quite confusing at first to watch 1 same robot at different places at the same time (but it was actually 2 different robot but same design). Plus, there's no sign of Barricade from the previous film. Megatron looked uglier while Optimus looked awesome when combined with Jetfire. The small Wheelie was cute also, acting as Mikaela's pet.. The Fallen = ugly stupid villain.. Soundwave, never transformed into his robot form, just hovering in space hacking information from satellite...

Some of the concept arts:

Optimus Prime combined with Jetfire





Autobot sisters, Arcee

*I don't own the pictures

After movie, we went to KL Sentral to pick up Mel's luggage and dinner at KFC. Arrived at Vista around 10 pm, welcomed by the rain..

What a tiring day.. I slept quite early..

Maybe I will asked my sister and brother in-law to bring me to watch Transformers again later..


LoLLy~ said...

nak tinguk lg..??!

Unknown said...

mestila nk tgk lg.. aku kn gel transformers.. hak3..

cahaya wawa said...

ishh.. m'amore, saya pown mau tgk transformers, tp kat hindia x kua3 lagik.. maybe kne tggu next month.. wuuuhhuuu..

Unknown said...

m'amore ku.. siannye kamu.. meh la balek mesia tgk yg saye.. hehe..

amirahms said...

ish3..aku still x paham hape yg best sgt transfomers tuh??.. last tgk pun mase kecik..tgk katun je.. bese je..x de la hebat sgt..hakhak

Unknown said...

sbb ko wanita.. mmg la x minat robot2 cmni..

LoLLy~ said...

ade kaitan ke laki ke ppuan..??
tp aku stuju ngn mira
cm bese jek ak tgk
transformer yg muvee rituh pon
aku x tgk g,haha

Unknown said...

see, wanita mmg x minat robot2 cmni..
mmg ade kne mengena..

tp mmg mostly guys yg ske transformers.. girls dok dapo masak, xpn maen barbie..

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