Sunday, November 30, 2008

Penny of Thoughts

After several times I went to Bukit Jalil to settle down my house rental, finally today I settled down everything including paying the deposit and other fees. As usual, I came in the evening. I stayed in Azery's room while waiting for Debbe to come. Wanji also was there since yesterday. He gave me his portion of money for the house payment. Cika also just withdrew his money from the ATM.
In Azery's small room

best friends forever

Azery reading Twilight

Azery was very excited in promoting his Twilight book. He said that he had watch the movies two times at the cinema. What a waste of money. I haven't watch this movie yet because I was trying to save up my money a little bit so that I can use them when I travel later on. Then Helmy came and told us many new gossips and stories. We laughed very loudly and I think people from the living room could hear us. Helmy and I told Azery about our funny and interesting dreams. We all burst into laugh once again, I think we laugh more than usual.

Suddenly, I saw something in Azery's wardrobe. OMG! The inside of the wardrobe was full of fungus! It's white and clustered in many places on the wardrobe's wall. I quickly told Azery's about it and he was shocked. He thought that it was just a common dust. Helmy also convinced him that they were fungus, not dusty dust. Then, Azery revealed that he suffered several itchiness on his skin.

the bad and evil fungus

Then, at nearly Maghrib (as usual), Debbe asked me to wait on the 19th floor of Tower C. Helmy, Wanji, Cika and I immediately rushed there finding that Debbe was already there. Debbe brought us into the beautiful house. Then we did several checklist and agreement signing. I also handed more than RM5000 to Debbe to settle down our payment. After discussing for a while, we left the house. The only problem was we will be needed to buy our own fridge and washing machine while for TV, I will brought it from home.

After performing the compulsory Maghrib prayer, Azery, Helmy and I went down for dinner with Ida. Before that, I bid farewell to Wanji since he came here from Penang. I fetched Ida at Vista B before we continued our journey to Endah Parade nearby. Bella was supposed to join us but she had returned from home.

Endah Parade (Not really indah, really...)**********************************************

It's quite hot in the basement where we parked the car. The elevator also was very slow and late. At first, we dropped by a shop selling bed sheets. Helmy and Azery were very interested in buying one since it was discounted at 80%. The sale was up until 4th January. Therefore, they postponed their willing in buying the sheets.

We didn't know where to eat. It's actually very difficult to determined where to eat since we all didn't mind where to eat. Then, we walked into Carrefour and found out that there were at least three restaurant exist. We finally stepped into Station Kopitiam while Ida was lonely outside buying ice creams.

Station Kopitiam & Twilight


with the menu

Ida did buy ice cream, but not only for her, but for us as well. She was very kind. I know she was. Then, the boys ordered out the same things which were some kind of promotional set. It got rice, black pepper beef, fries, coleslaw, soup, fruits as well as iced lemon tea. It's just RM9.90 excluding tax. Helmy was very lucky today. He got ice cream with two lids and two spoons. It's kinda weird but funny. We also got Magic Cup! It's very magical though..

with ice creams

Thanks Ida for the delicious ice creams

4 person but 5 caps/spoons.. How come?

yum yum..

hmm, so tasty!

you should try this! hmm.. yummy!

it's thumb licking good!

We discussed on how to celebrate Najwa's birthday tomorrow. Ida didn't have any good idea to make a surprise party for her. Azery was also going to join the party but not Helmy. I also won't attend the party since it will be held at midnight.

Before we headed back, we dropped by Guardian because Azery had something to buy. He bought toothbrushes, dehumiditiser and lalala~

It's surprising that Azery and I have the same SODA t-shirt. Hehe.. But luckily I didn't wear it today..

Then, I sent them home. I send Ida first because ladies first and then the boys. We also tooked a coupled of pictures in the car before we got separated.

in the car

What a nice day. It was a relieve because all the problem regarding the house renting was settled down at last. I just need to meet Mr. Chu, the owner to get my keys later.


Mayu said...

penny of thoughts..hehe..

Unknown said...

haha.. aku da xde idea nk bubuh tajok ape..

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