Saturday, November 22, 2008

No SNSD Album This Year

No SNSD this year.. Wuu.. I've been waiting for their new album for too long.. It's supposed to be released this month but later it has been pushed forward to early next year. I got this news from Wikipedia and also AllKpop..

These are several reasons for the delay (which I found from many sites):

Yoona still buzy shooting her drama, You Are My Destiny (I still watch this drama) which will end by the end of this year.

If SNSD release their album this year, they won't be able to enter 2009 awards.

I had plan to buy their new album because I will go to Seoul this December. I really hope I can buy their new album but then, it is not possible anymore. I feel disappointed a bit. However, I need to think what album to buy during my travel there, maybe Big Bang (even though I already downloaded it), Super Junior Asia Tour or anything else which I haven't thought yet. Maybe I need to discuss with buy which album is worth to buy.

To overcome this misery, I will watch SNSD's Factory Girl on Youtube instead. Huhu..

Waaa..... ='(


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