Saturday, November 8, 2008

Big Bang 2nd Album - Remember

I've been waiting for SNSD new album for so long. However, Big Bang's album was out first than them. Big Bang had released a Japanese album, Number 1 and also Big Bang 2nd Album, Remember recently while SNSD still hasn't release their new album. Rumor said that the new album will be in this month. Therefore, I need a little bit of patient eventhough I had waited for this album since I finished A-Level last June.

In Big Bang's new album, there are a lot of new song as well as remix songs from the previous album. I love the remixes of Big Bang's two hit songs which are Lies and Last Farewell. I love the remixes and had put them into my playlist. Besides that, Haru Haru song also got an acoustic version which is also good to hear. However, I haven't started liking the new songs such as Sunset Glow, Wonderful and Remember. I'm not a kind of person who will fall for the songs the first time I hear them out. I need more time to like the song and need to listen to them for a lot of time.

Big Bang - Remember

Big Bang in Baskin Robin commercial

By the way, thanks Badd for the information about the new Big Bang album. Without him, I wouldn't know about this album. Badd has been very informative about music and always tell me about anything new in K-Pop industry. He was also responsible for telling me about Wonder Girls new song which is Nobody.

I watched Music Bank this evening on KBS World. Usually I didn't really watched this show since there are so many Korean artists, singers and groups I didn't know performing in that show. But today I was lucky enough to watch Wonder Girls performed Nobody in the blue outfits and they won for this episode.

I want nobody nobody but you~


zoe sawyer said...

hello..erm..sori la tbe2 je menyemak here kat ur a fren of naufal..neways..straight to the a fan of SUPER JUNIOR N BIGBANG JUGAK
seres ni...
lagu haru-haru best gle..
ske ngn tae jang hyung..n eeteuk..ske gle..ok i haf to stop..if not akn merepek tntg kekacakan mereka..
neways..nice to noe yg naufal noe sumone yg minat suju n tak caye..neways..
nice meeting ya..
sori ek mengacau ere..

Unknown said...

haha.. most girls mmg ske suju n big bang.. cume jarang ade boys yg minat.. hehe..

nway, nice having people loving suju n big bang..

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