Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hmm.. I still couldn't make decision in choosing which place to stay next year when I enter IMU later on. I will enter IMU in next January which is about 2 months from now but still, I have no place to stay there.

I had called some agents but I still couldn't make a good decision. Most of the agents offered me a furnished condo unit at Vista which costs about RM1500. That's a lot of money though, even it is shared with my other 2 friends.

Some agents told me that if I want a basic condo with no furniture which usually costs approximately RM1200, I can only view the house in December. I guess I have to wait then. I prefer Vista because it's very near to IMU but the price is the problem right now.

Then, Anis told me about an apartment in Bukit Jalil which is the Arena Green. The apartment unit here is quite cheap, maybe about RM700 per month. However, the distance from IMU is quite far away which is about 15-20 minutes walking distance. God! I might be sweaty like hell when I reach IMU for classes.

I really hope that I will get a cheap place to stay. I don't want to burden my parents with expensive rent fees because usually, I will get the scholarship later, not in the early semester. I need to buy my own furniture for the place as well. Just the basic furniture. No need excessive furniture for students, as long as we feel comfortable.

I hope my friends which are already becoming IMU students can help me finding me place to stay at Vista. I had asked some of them but looks like I still haven't got a good offer.

Till then, bye bye for now.



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