Thursday, November 13, 2008

House Viewing @ Bukit Jalil

This morning, Cipak called me saying that Debbe, the Vista agent told her that she has an empty house to be sold. It's situated in Tower C, Vista Komanwel C. Cipak said that the price is RM1250 per month. Cipak also asked me whether I want this house or not. because Cipak already has a place to stay next year. I told her to give the agent my phone number.

Later on, Debbe called me and explained about the house. The rental price is RM1250 if we enter the house in mid December. However, my friends and I can't enter that house so early because our classes at IMU starts in January. Therefore, she told me if I want to enter this house in January, the price will be slightly higher which is RM1300. This house has 4 mattress, 2 water heaters and some small furniture. I agreed to view the house in the evening.

I left home at 2.30 pm because I told Debbe that I would be at Vista C at 3 o'clock. Soon I arrived there, I called Debbe and she asked me to wait for 5-10 minutes. I called Helmy and Azery to meet me downstairs near the guardhouse. Some minutes later, Helmy arrived with his 3 quater pants while Azery with his snowcap and cardigan like usual. When Debbe arrived, she asked us to wait at Tower C.

The house is situated on th 20th floor of Tower C. Helmy also stayed in the same tower but on 26th floor. For me, the house is quite okay. It's clean, empty, clear and windy. After surveying the rooms and toilets and also the living room and also kitchen as not forget, the balcony. I also captured some pictures inside the house.

Living room

bedroom with free mattress


kitchen (with Azery's ghost)

We went down to sign some kind of offer letter and Debbe asked me to pay one month deposit tonight. Therefore, I told Wanji and Duwe to deposit their money to my account as soon as possible.

Then, I hang up at Helmy's house to see his cutie mutie tiny Acer laptop. It's very cute though. At that time, Akmal was sleeping on the sofa in the living room while Faiz ABC was sleeping on the bed. Azery was very naughty today. He disturbed Faiz who was in a deep sleep. How dare he? hehehe.. lols.. Then, we went to Azery's house at another tower. I transfered some movies and videos to Akmal's external hard disk which was brought by Helmy. After some times, we went out to had some meal.

I drove to Sri Petaling to find a place to eat. Azery and Helmy also didn't know where to eat because they usually cook at home. After driving for a while in the shops area, we found The Store building with some shops in there. We went there instead of Kedai Mamak.

We had an early dinner at Leo's Cafe. It looks like Secret Recipe but much lower class. I chose to eat Buttermilk Seafood Yee Mee, Leo's Signature Toast and Apple Juice, Helmy prefered Tomyam Fried Rice with Chicken, Thick Toast and also Apple Juice while Azery ordered out Yee Mee and Iced Cappucino plus plain water. We also took some photos there.

Leo's Cafe

Azery & me

Helmy & Azery

me & Helmy

yum yum..

It's raining out there. The atmosphere was quite cold. We ate our food happily while discussing some recent issues (What's the issues?). Azery and Helmy very interested to move out with me but it's kinda complicated. There didn't dare to betray their current housemates. What a good boy.. Hehe..

After sending them home, I directly went home in the coldness of rain. Shiiii (bunyi hujan)..


Mayu said...

wah lawa ek umah ko iwa...

Unknown said...

lawa la.. tp kosong.. haha..

Mayu said...

alar nnt ko isi lar pe2..LG scarlet ke..hehe

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