Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Journey of Life

I went to Bukit Jalil again this evening. For what? To view any vacant house again of course since I haven't got any place to stay yet. The house which I had stated before was handed to someone else since she had book it for such a long time. So I had to accept the fact that I lost the house.

The rainbow which I met along my way to Bukit Jalil. It was very calming to the the rainbow.

As usual, I went to Helmy's house first on the 26th floor. I was welcomed by Aiman after I pressed the bell button. Then, I sneaked quietly into Helmy's room. The door was partially opened, so I entered without any sound. I heard Helmy's voice. He was talking with someone on the phone. Therefore, I waited for him to end his conversation. Then, poof! I yell at him and he was very shocked like crazy. Then, both of us burst into laugh on his bed.

As usual, he played Dota again with his mini laptop while I played games in his HP PDA. I was supposed to meet Debbe at 6.30 pm but later she had to postpone it for 20 minutes. Then, Debbe sent me an SMS telling me to wait at 20th floor.

IMU view from Helmy's room

I finally found the rainbow feet. Hehe..

Helmy and I went to the 20th floor and some minutes later, she arrived. She took us to a house a floor below. The owner still in the house and looks like he was ready to move out soon. This house has 3 rooms and 2 toilets. He showed us the rooms and told us what things he will leave behind when he move out later. He will leave:

Bed, sofa, tv cabinet, wardrobe, study table, and either fridge or washing machine.

The rental price is RM 1600 per month which is quite expensive. That's why I needed a deep thought to consider this house.

Then, Debbe brought us to other house at 20th floor. This house has 4 rooms and 3 toilets. The rental price is RM 1800 and fully furnished. In fact, this house was still under renovation when we view it. The owner will install ceiling fan and also tiling the floor. At first, I planned to stay with Helmy and therefore find a house to fit 9 person. However, Debbe said that the owner won't let that many people to stay in the house.

After discussing with Debbe the pros and contras, we decided to inform Debbe later about our firm decision. After Maghrib prayer, I left Helmy in his house and I went to dinner with Ida and Azery. Helmy couldn't join us because he already cooked his dinner.

We had our dinner at a restaurant or stall near the lake. It was raining that time. Before I left Vista C, I met Jah and Wan who were on their way to their home. We talked for several minutes and they recommended us to eat at that place.

Jah, Wan and me

At the restaurant, Ida told me about how she had a fight or misunderstanding with Bella. I thought Bella will join us tonight but the fight cause Ida and Bella not like friends. I don't want to jot down about the fight because it's kinda personal. Let them settle their problem by themselves. We had a long dinner tonight. We had plain rice, tom yam, daging masak merak, ayam goreng kunyit, and kailan ikan masin as our dinner. We talked so much because I haven't see them for a quite a long time. Therefore, there were a lot of fresh stories to be told.

Azery & Ida

me & Azery

Ida & food

my plate

After one and a half hour filling our stomach and also wasting our saliva, we finally decided to leave. It was still raining when we left that place. After sending Ida to Vista B, I send Azery to Vista C.

Then, I went home, driving under the rain water and the darkness of night. It was very cold and I had to constrict my bladder until I reached home.

What an enjoying evening~


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