Thursday, October 30, 2008

Open House at Vista B Penthouse

Even though Hari Raya month nearly ends (tomorrow is the last day of Raya), I was invited my friends from International Medical University (IMU) Bukit Jalil to attend an open house conducted by a batch of students. Each house of students were required to prepare some food. Ida and Bella's house prepared spaghetti with two types of topping which were the red and white topping. While Helmy's house prepared 'dadih' and chicken nuggets. Meanwhile, Azery's house prepared the drinks. This open house was held at a penthouse owned by Pean and the gang at the 18th floor of Vista B (Tower B1).

It has been a month I haven't seen my friends. The last time I meet them was during the departure of the Manipal students, Badd and others. That time was at KLIA. I missed them so much and therefore I agreed to come to the open house. Because I'm not an IMU student, I felt guilty and shy somehow. Therefore, I also prepared something for the open house. On the day before, I made about 200 honey cornflake cookies at home with the help of my mom and my younger brother. All the leftover ingredients from the last time I made the cookies were fully used until nothing left except half pack of cornflakes. This cookies had become one of my significant speciality, and most of my friends had taste it before at INTEC.

I left home at about 5.40 pm. I was supposed to move earlier than that, but somehow my mom got involved in a car accident just a couple of hour before. Luckily my mom didn't suffer any injuries. The red Proton Iswara car also not badly damaged, therefore I still could drive it to Bukit Jalil. After my parents got back from the police station, I immediately drove to Bukit Jalil because I promised Ida to send the tupperware after Asar.

I arrived at Vista C at about 6.10 pm. I visited Helmy first and hang up with him for several hours because the open house started at 8.15 pm. We had a long and interesting but yet confidential conversation in Helmy's room. Helmy served me a mug of juice. He was so nice, even though sometimes he could be emotional, very emotional....

After Maghrib, I left Vista C with Helmy and then, picked up some containers of honeylicious cookies in my car before we headed to Vista B. Before we went to the penthouse, we dropped by Ida's house to help her to carry some food. Helmy and I got lost in Vista B several times until we had to call Aimi. Sorry Aimi for bothering you. Lastly, we arrived at Ida's place with our bad condition. Our body were all sweaty because of the lost before. Luckily the elevator got air-cond, therefore we could dry out some of the sweat.

Several minutes later, we finally arrived at the penthouse doorstep. We were welcomed by my ex-classmates (Jah and Wan) which I haven't them since we finished A-Levels 3 months ago. Then, we set up the food which we brought together. I put my cookies on the empty table on the left. Not many guests had arrived by the time we got there. My friends and I had some meals because we afraid that we couldn't eat comfortably when the house were full later on. I tried out the spaghetti, bihun tom yam, kek batik, and dadih. Ida, Bella and some girls ate quickly because they had job to do which was as guest welcomers at the door. They left Helmy and I and we continued eating the delicious food. The dadih was not 'menjadi' because they were too diluted and not kept cold. Then, Achik, Awi, Am, Mije and Ameer also had arrived bringing two type of drinks. However, the drinks were too sweet for me. Maybe the put a tonne of sugar without realising that the drinks were oversweet.

guest welcomers (penyambut tetamu) plus Aimi's brother and also polystyrene plate from Saffa's hand

Later, guests started to arrive like hell until the house were full like a sardine tin. Joash and Si Han whom were my classmates at INTEC also were there. Joash also teasing me saying 'What are you doing here? You are not an IMU student! Kidding!". Because I was too used with Joash before, I didn't mind what he said. He loved to joke around and made people laugh. I also had a little chat with Si Han about how to find a house there since I will enter IMU in January. He suggested me not to stay in IMU hostel because the house condition were sucks and there is no washing machine. Azery also came with Joash and Si Han. We got united finally.

I also tasted the pudding, brownies from Secret Recipe, fruits and some other deserts prepared by the girls, I didn't know whom made which. Without I noticed, suddenly the food on the table were multiplying. Suddenly there were Penang laksa and roti canai on it. Luckily at that time, the guests were still arriving continuously.

At about 10.30 pm I guess, the number of guests rapidly decreasing. So, we started to clean the place and packed some food. By the way, I was so glad that my cookies were 'laku' like hell. Many people gave me compliment for the crunchy cookies. Also, Aimi's brother who is the senior in IMU suddenly thanked my mom (supposed to be me) for making the cookies. I'm just happy that the container was empty at last so that I could bring it home lightly. But still, there were so many left over food. They said the many seniors didn't come. Without any hesitation the last guests packed the food for themselves so that they could eat it later. Jah also was busy washing the dishes in the small kitchen.

Charlie's Angels pose

We also had a lot of photography session with my friends. Thanks to Aimi for her camera. Hope you will upload the pictures on Friendster or Facebook soon. I didn't bring my camera because my brother borrowed it. We took pictures in the house, outside the house in the corridor (with Azery and Saffa), on the floor (with Ida and Bella), in front of the door (with Jah and Wan) and also with the boys.

Iwa and Helmy

IMUians plus Iwa Samian

Sitting down on the floor due to extreme tiredness

Before I headed home, Helmy and I dropped by Ida's house again to helped her brought the empty containers home. We hang up there for a while and Najwa served us cold refreshing plain water. Then, it's time for me to say goodbye. I really don't like this situation... Being separated with my friends again and the start of boreness at home later.

Helmy and I walked to Vista C but before that, we went to the tennis court to pick up Achik's slippers which he forgot to take before. Helmy waited for me outside the Vista C until I drove the car out of his sight.

What a great night. I felt very happy for this great, memorable and yet satisfying open house. The food was great just like Joash said. Thanks Helmy for accompanying me most of the time in the house (but not all the time).

Looks like this year's Raya had come to and end. I'm delighted that it ended in such a beautiful way.



Anonymous said...


suke ah psl komen ko ttg Abg Aimi,psl lost,psl accompany things,psl dadih and psl 'emotional' tu..

lahar,me too hate the sad moment when we separate that nyte..


Unknown said...

haha.. aku pn ske komen aku..

lahar jek.. ble la lg kte leh jmpe..

Mayu said...

raya dh abes weh~..huhu

Unknown said...

raye da abes,, pasni raya haji lak.. sape lak nk wt open house? silalah jemput diriku.. hehe..

Anonymous said...


haha,raye aji xde kot openhouse. xtau la plak klu Apal yg berada di perantauan tu nk uat openhouse n jemput kte berdua..lolz

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