Thursday, October 16, 2008

Super Wednesday

Yesterday, I went to Sunway Pyramid with my ex-schoolmates from MRSM Beseri. At noon, Helmi picked me up at my home and later Aniq and Raden joined us at Sunway Pyramid.

Because I was strictly on budget (because I want to use my money during my travel later on this year), I just window shopped and walked around. We went to Romp, where we could see Aniq's t-shirt hanged in this shop. It was the same t-shirt he wore that day. He was also very ashamed to get into that shop. I was very attracted to the white sweater there with gold lining. It's just RM49.90 which was quite cheap for a sweater. But I didn't buy it since I already have a white sweater which I bought with Badd earlier in this year.

Aniq and me

Helmi and me behind the kolam

Then, we went to MPH Bookstores to read some magazines and books while waiting for Raden to arrive. He was so late that day until we had to postpone our lunch. After browsing the pages from Islamic Names book, Raden finally called. I just found out that the meaning of my names which is Hazwan means 'pemberianku', or my gift. It's kind of different from what I read before from other book which said that my name means obedient (yang patuh).

We waited for Raden near the ice rink. We were supposed to ice skate that day but it's already late. The time now was 3 pm. We dropped by Dunkin Donuts to buy a dozen of donuts to fill up our empty belly. After half eating the donuts, Raden came. Then, we had our lunch (lunch at 4 pm?) at KFC. I tried out the Spice Crunch chicken. It's quite satisfying because it was served with rice.

Raden, me and Helmi (sitting on driver's seat). We weren't playing, just posing.

Later, we went to the cinema to watch movie. We decided to watch The House Bunny. At first, Helmi wanted to watch Senario The Movie (eiww), then Aniq want to watch Mamma Mia since it's a musical movie. Raden and I want to watch Eagle Eye because it looked interesting but Aniq already watched it. Even though Raden had watch The House Bunny before, he didn't mind watching it again with us. Since it's Wednesday, the ticket price was on RM7.. (Super Wednesday promotion). This movie was quite funny. I loved it. I was very shocked to see Katharine McPhee in this movie. I didn't know that she could act.

After watching movie, we went home. We bid goodbye to Aniq and Raden who took the bus from Sunway Pyramid while Helmi and I went home by car instead.

Even though it was a quick and short outing, I feel very satisfied. I hadn't seen Raden for about 2 years since he went to study at Egypt. Aniq also like that. Both of them study at in Egypt; Raden at Alexandria while Aniq at Cairo.


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