Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Hari Raya Aidilfitri Eve

As usual, my family and I celebrated Hari Raya at Shah Alam first before we headed to Johor where my grandparents lived. On the night before Raya, my house was visited by the surau members to 'takbir' at my house. This year, our turn was quite early because ours was the second house. Last year's turn was very late which is at nearly midnight. This 'takbir' ceremony or we called it 'baraan' usually started after Isyak and can could ended after midnight depending on how many house took part.

My married sister and recently married brother came to help and also took family picture together. My sister had to go to Indonesia on the next day because my brother in-law's cousin was going to marry an Indonesian girl. We dressed in maroon baju melayu that night, while my brothers and sisters dressed in pink.

Kak Kyra and Angah setting up the camera

Family picture

1st Syawal

After performing Aidilfitri prayer, my brother and sister in-law came again to take family picture but this time, without my sister and brother in-law because they were on their way to Medan by using Air Asia flight. Yesterday, I helped my mom with cooking. She cooked a lot of dishes like ketupat, rendang, sambal kacang as well as ayam masak merah.

Family (not full) picture

Nearly noon, we headed to Johor to visit my grandparents at Batu Pahat and later to Johor Bahru to visit my grandmother (from mom's side). A lot of my relatives, uncles, aunts and cousins were already there. We also visit some of our relatives house during that day. We also got a shocking news which was my aunt was warded in ICU because she had some serious accident with her motocycle.

my younger brother and I

the women in the house

2nd Syawal

We went to my aunt's house at Pasak in the morning. We had chicken rice. It was delicious and tempting. Later, we went to my uncle's house + orchard at Sg Telor, Kota Tinggi. My aunts served us with chicken wings, nuggets as well as fries. Not forget, the mouthwatering corn ice cream.

with my cousin in front of Pak Lang's house

the dead tree which was struck by lightning

Then, I followed my aunt and uncle to AEON Tebrau City for shopping. I bought a Transformers toy. We had a light meal at Johny's where we ate steamboat. The sauce was also very nice with some spicy and sour taste. My aunt also bought some clothes for my cute little cousin, Siti.

After Mahgrib, we went to Batu Pahat again to sleep overnight there. Some of my relatives already went back home but some of them had just arrived today.

3rd Syawal

We went to Wak Long's house to visit him. His wife was the one who was warded in hospital. Then we headed to Batu Pahat Hospital to visit her. We need to take turns because only 2 person were allowed to visit her at a time.

Then, we had out Jumaat prayer before we headed to Kg. Batu Puteh to visit my great grandmother. Her children also were already there with their families. Then, we continued our journey to Segamat.

That night, we went to my mother's friend's house nearby. Her husband died recently during Ramadan. It was a good month for Muslims. She cried several time when she told my mother how her husband passed away.

4th Syawal

It's today! We went back to Shah Alam. Luckily the traffic was smooth and fine.



from : Hazwan [Iwa]


cahaya wawa said...

best nye kamu ber hari raya..
sat g i jotted down bout my hari raya k...

Unknown said...

yg paling bes dpt dwet raye byk.. hee..


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