Monday, October 20, 2008

ZARAing with Helmy on A Lovely Sunday

Yesterday, I went to Midvalley Megamall which is located approximately one-hour journey by public transport. As usual, I used commuter train to go there. Helmy, which is staying at Bukit Jalil took LRT and then changed to commuter train at Bandar Tasik Selatan. Both of us left our house at the same time but Helmy arrived at Midvalley first. When Helmy was loitering around MPH Bookstore, I'm still stucked at KL Sentral waiting for another train to Seremban.

I reached Midvalley at 11 am which is half an hour late than our promised time which was 10.30 am. I met Helmy in MPH. Then, we went to ZARA because Helmy said he wanted to find a t-shirt for his beloved friend for his belated birthday. After browsing the t-shirt collection, we decided to go to other shops first because Helmy said that he didn't really like the design there and the price was very expensive also.

We headed to Topman later and found nothing to buy. Then, as usual, we went to our common shops that we usually went like Romp, Samuel & Kevin, Giodarno, Soda, SEED, Padini and some other shops. Besides that, we also went to several toy shops because I like toys.

At noon, we had our lunch at the food court. Strangely, the food court wasn't full like usual Sunday. Maybe people still had open houses to attend especially during this festive month. Helmy and I decided to eat Western that day with iced milo. We talked so much, like we hadn't meet for a year. We shared opinion and talked several other unimportant things. After filling our empty belly, we went to a toy/anime/manga shop nearby. I was very interested in the Transformers toys there and bought one (Rescue Ratchet) at RM100. Helmy was shocked because he never know that I love to collect toys. Looks like you don't know me yet Helmy, even though we had been friends for more than one year.

We continued our journey on the top floor, the same floor with the food court. We went to Converse (Badd love this shop), Tropicana Life, music shop. Radioactive, Why Pay More? and some insignificant shops. Then, Helmy decided not to buy present today because he felt it's not worthy to give expensive present for a person who didn't appreciate him. He also asked my opinion about this. As a solution, he bought several expensive things for himself only. He bought a ZARA t-shirt and two new arrival S&K t-shirts (v-neck). He really wanted to try on v-neck t-shirts.

After we had nothing else to do there, we decided to go home. We bid goodbyes and we boarded different train heading towards our different destination. During my way to Shah Alam, I called my mother and told her that I wanted to join my family to go to my cousin's open house at Ampang. So, my mother asked me to wait at the KTM station and we went to Ampang just right after I arrived.


Even though I'm very tired (tired of helping my sister the day before, tired of walking in the shopping mall), I still managed to transformed my Rescue Ratchet into a robot. LOLZ!

At Kak Nora's place, not many guests were there since we came late which was nearly night. I ate 2 bowls of Mi Bandung, several sausages and nuggets with orange juice.

My day wasn't end at Kak Nora's house. After that, we went to Setiawangsa to visit my parents' friends. We used to go to Mecca together to perform umrah together. It's raining that night. My parents had quite a long chat with them while my brother and I just sat there. I felt very sleepy.

On the way home, I slept along the way home.


Anonymous said...


best ah blog ko,maklumatnye sume tepat n xde toko0k tambah..

haha,pndi ek ko komen psl bday stuff tu..


Hazwan Samian said...

mmg tepat.. zap2 gtu.. haha..

aku mmg pndai.. merahsiakan nama yg berkenaan.. haha..

Anonymous said...


nnt msok kan ah 2 gambar yg tak seberapa tu.. =p

Anonymous said...


haaa,da msok pon. mmg advance

Story of my life ak skang..hehe

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