Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy VS Sad


Yesterday, my house was holding an open house for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. My parents invited some relatives, neighbours as well as friends. I also took this opportunity to invite my friends to my house. I invited my friends from INTEC as well as MRSM Beseri.

After Subuh prayer, I didn't went back to sleep on the very comfortable bed. Instead, I went to help my mother in the kitchen. First, I boiled 3 packets of spaghetti, then wash all the dusty plates which I took out from the cabinet. After wipe them dry, I arranged them on the table in front.

Then, my brother and his wife came to help. Thank God, they reduced my work a little bit. I also helped my mom chopping the cucumbers, tomatoes, limes and bla bla bla... (I didn't remember other things).

Our first guest was of course my mom's friends and their families. My mom invited all the teachers from her school (my mom is a teacher) which is about 70 person. That's a lot! I couldn't stop washing the used plates back at the sink. After one batch, one batch of plates came. Guests kept coming like running water until my house was packed with guests eating happily while chatting with each other. Thanks to Kak Kyra for taking after my shift.

My neighbours came at the evening because at that time, my house was quite clear. My friends closed the open house and they got packed satay as well. Only my friends from MRSM Beseri came, none from INTEC. Poor Azery, he really wanted to come, but Azam had created some problem with the transport. Azery had waited for him at Vista for so long until rain poured down. Sodox however didn't have anyone to accompany him. Pity him. Helmy was buzy with his Wan and Mak Lang, Ida went back to Pilah and Bella got some transport issue. Only 5 of my friends came. The common ones were Aiman, Helmi and Bobby which came every year and Aniq and Ikhwan. Aniq was supposed to be back at Egypt, but he decided to skip his classes for a couple of weeks.
Helmi, me, Ikhwan, Aiman, Bobby and Aniq

SAD and shocking news

While I was buzy washing the dusty plates, bowls and glasses, my dad received a call from my uncle saying that Wak Saadiah had just passed away this morning at about 11 am. Last week, we visited her at Hospital Batu Pahat because she had run into accident before Raya. Her condition was very critical and severe at that time. Two of her right ribs bones were broken and the bones stabbed her right lung as well which cause her hard time to breath normally. She also couldn't talk much because she had a short breath.

Anyway, let's us present her with a recitement of al-Fatihah. Al-Fatihah~


After cleaning and tidying my house after the open house, we went to Batu Pahat to visit my uncle who had just lost her wife. We arrived at my grandparents (nyai and yai) at midnight.

On the next morning, we headed to my uncle's house which i located about 2 km from my grandparents'. On the way there, we met his sons and daughters who were on their way to the cemetery. Then, we followed them to the graveyard and went to my uncle's house after that. The soil was still wet showing that it was just being dig recently. After reciting Yaasin and tahlil, we went to my uncle's house.

After had a little conversation with my uncle, we went back to Shah Alam.


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