Monday, September 15, 2008

Buka Puasa @ Kg Baru

Chicken Gordon Blue

I just came back from Kg. Baru after having a break fast with my ex-schoolmates. We had plan for this from last week. At first I asked Aiman about this, and he said no problem. Therefore, I told Hilmi, Wazir and Bobby about this plan.

We left Shah Alam quite late which is at 6 pm. We were supposed to meet Wazir at Kg. Baru at 6, but because of the lateness of the UiTM students, we all became late. Aiman also asked Haris, and Nabil to join us.

The traffic at federal highway was sucks! It's jammed all over the place and Hilmi called me several time asking where were we. He had waited at UM for so long until he skipped his evening class. Pity him. I asked Hilmi to bring some dates so that we can break fast in the car in case we didn't make it to the restaurant. Hilmi had become even fatter since the last time I met him which is during last year raya.

We arrived at Kg Baru at 7.30 pm. We had our meal at Chop & Steak where they served Western food. I had been to this place before with my family. We agreed to eat here because the food were quite cheap and reasonable. After placing our order, we went to the nearby mosque to perform Maghrib prayer. Then, we went back to the restaurant.

Some of us took a plastic of the famous bubur lambuk from the mosque. I didn't take any because I don't really like bubur lambuk. We had our meal with joy and we talked a lot during eating. It had been years I didn't meet some of them. We talked about our past expecially during our time at MRSM Beseri. Our conversation was quite funny and hillarious. Thanks to Nabil because in such a sudden, he paid for all our food.

me with the 'fat' Hilmi

Amir, Wazir, Hilmi, me, Haris, Bobby and Nabil

Amir, Wazir, Hilmi, me, Haris, Bobby and Aiman

Before we headed back home, we went back to the mosque to perfom Isyak prayer. I went back to Shah Alam with Haris because Aiman wanted to go to Batu Tiga. Haris dropped by KLCC to met his sister. During the journey home, Nabil and Bobby couldn't bear their sleepy eyes anymore and fell to a deep sleep. Nabil kept changing his position to suit his comfortability.

I thanked Haris for sending me home and told him to visit my house during hari raya because he knew my house already.


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