Sunday, September 14, 2008



I already started baking my own cookies for this coming Hari Raya which will be on next month. Like the previous year, I baked cornflakes cookies because it's favoured by most of my family members. My sister gave me some money to make some for her. My aunt at Segamat also made this cookies this year by using the recipe which I gave her.

I woke up very late today which was at noon. I didn't know what kind of ghost had possessed me because I never woke up this late. I started making the cookies by arranging the paper cups on the baking tray. Then, I mixed butter, sugar and honey in the pan on the kitchen. Later, I added cornflakes, honey stars, mixed fruits as well as almond flakes. I put the mixture into the paper cups while it's still hot because it would be hard when cold. Then, I baked them in the oven for several minutes.

It took 3 hours to finish because I did it on my own without any help. When the cookies were cold, I quickly arranged them in a plastic jar. Then, I sealed the jar with a tape and kept them in a box.

Then, I quickly prepared myself to go out. Today we were having a break fast outside at Restoran Kayu Manis Bukit Jelutong. It was my sister's treat.


When we arrived, my sister, brother in-law, brother and sister in-law were already there. We sat on a round table which could accomodate 9 person. When Maghrib azan was heard, I recited the doa and had cucur udang as our starter (which we brought from home). This was because the food hadn't arrived at that time. We weren't given any dates because the waitress said that it was out of stock. So we waited for the food.

Umi and ayah

Along and Alin

Angah and Kyra


Sufi and me

the food... slurppp...

The food arrived one by one. First, the rice, then the chicken and beef, sharkfin soup, fried shrimps, vegetables and the last one was fried cuttlefish. I had iced honey lemon as my drink. I really enjoyed the food here. They were very tasty and delicious, suited my taste very well. The food served here were all Chinese style. That's why they served sharkfin as well.

I ate until my stomach nearly exploded. This was because I'm the one who finished all the remaining dishes especially the veggies. The soup also made my stomach even fuller. Moreover, the drink was served in a big glass and I couldn't finished it.

What a 'full' day today. The food really made me full until I felt uncomfortable during performing Terawih prayer.



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