Friday, September 12, 2008

Goodbye My Friends

I just came back from KLIA after watching the sad moment there. Many of my friends will flight to Bangalore today. They will further their studies in Manipal. In fact, when I'm writing this post, they are still in the flight on their way to India. Their flight will consume 4 hours.

After Jumaat prayer, I went to IMU to sent my acceptance of offer as well as paying the reservation fee which costed RM 2090. I asked Helmy to accompany me because I didn't know where the admission office. After had a little walk inside IMU, we went back to Vista C to visit Azery at his house. I stayed there for an hour. Azery copy some Korean songs from my pendrive and also movies from my DVD collections. The boys in the living room were busy singing karaoke song as well as playing games.

After performing Asar prayer, Helmy and I went to Vista B to fetch Ida, Aimi and Najwa. Bella was supposed to join us, but she had an appointment with the dentist. Azery also couldn't join us due to schedule conflict with his Korean language class.

The journey to KLIA took about 40 minutes. Soon after we enter the building, Wawa called me asking where I was. Later, I met her in the Food Garden with her family. Then, I met Mary, and lastly Badd. Badd joined us at our table for a moment before he went back to his family table. I gave Badd the cookies I made for Hari Raya to be shared with his classmates as well as presents for my fellow friends. We had our break fast there. I ate Rice with Thai Chicken and Ice Lemon Tea. It's not very expensive there, just like in the fast food restaurant.

best friends forever

my meal

After performing Maghrib prayer at a hidden praying room which is located on the 4th floor, we went upstairs to the departure hall. I took several pictures with Pah, Senah, Mary, Jiji, Wawa and of course, Badd. Then, the students gathered for short briefing by JPA. Badd joined us for the last time before he went down to the custom counter. We had a hug with Badd and wishing him goodbye and good luck. One by one person left the area, all covered in tears especially Munya. Finally, I saw Mimi after struggling looking for her before this. We quickly took picture together and the JPA officer teasing us by saying "sempat lagi tu". Not forget, Wawa gave me a paper bag containing a box of small cupcakes and a small Transformers toy. Thanks very much Wawa for giving me my favourite toy.

Helmy, Jiji and me

the boys

with Mary

with Senah

with Pah

Helmy, Wawa and me

with Mimi and Senah (apsal adik Badd ade kt blkg tu?)

Wawa and Badd (Ida and Najwa interfaming the picture)

We chased them to the Viewing Area (Anjung Tinjau). Then, the girls joined us back with ice creams. Aimi bought me and Helmy a cup of McDonald's chocolate sundae each. Thanks Aimi!

taken form above

the girls

opening the big door (what door?)

Finally, at about 9.30 pm, we headed back to Vista to send my friends back home. Siput (Saffa) followed us from behind because she didn't know the way back. I also saw Joash and Si Han at the side of the road between Vista B and Vista C. I'm not sure whether they noticed me or not.

Goodbye my friends!

Me might not see each other for years from now on..

Should I cry? Oh God, I feel so empty...


Mayu said...

huhu sdeynye kwn2 ak nie dh gi manipal,tggl lah ak 7M8 sorang kt jakarta nih..smoga korang success di sne..

Unknown said...

xpe2... tabahkan diri apal..
ko di jakarta, yg laen2 di india..
aku di malaysia je..


Anonymous said...


i felt empty and sorrow too.
to Apal,dont sdey2 ye. stay strong. iwa da balek umah, tinggal la ak sesorang kat IMU =p

Unknown said...

mane ade ko tggl sorg.. kak kn ade.. hee..

Anonymous said...


ktorg world len2 ah.
ak dok dlm 'annoying world'

Unknown said...

haha.. pape la korg ni.. tym kte kuar, korg berdua biase je..

x nmpk cm berkonflik pn..

Anonymous said...


dpn Badd xkan nk tarik2 ramb0t oi,cover line sket. haha

ko jadik la pihak pendamai gitu.. =p

Unknown said...

aah eh.. xkn korg nk tarik2 rmbt dpn org ramai.. kang jd mcm kes rita rudaini ngn lisdawati..

haha.. kalo korg nk berdamai, kuar r same2 slalu.. aku tgk korg ok je pn.. g la fun fair ke.. hee..

Anonymous said...


nk gi masjid sesame ah klu g2, mudah-mudahan Allah bley tlg,xpon minx tolong Malaikat Lahar jd org tgh. =p

Unknown said...

ok gak tu.. g masjid.. bukak pose same2.. smyg terwih sebelah menyebelah.. mkn moreh same2.. kang lame2 mesra la.. x perlu gne khidmat malaikat lahar.. nnt ko yg kne lahar.. hehe..

Anonymous said...


ya,what a g00d remedy gitu.

Unknown said...

remedy jason mraz gtu.. haha


Anonymous said...


hari-hari asyik dnga lg jason,da x best da,disturbia plg best skang ni

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