Friday, September 12, 2008

Teluk Batik Beach Resort

Last Saturday, my family and I had a trip to Teluk Batik. Before reached Teluk Batik, we went to UiTM Seri Iskandar to fetch my brother. It's fasting month now, so we didn't plan to hit the beach.

This resort was quite empty. Not like usual where there were many people stayed there. I think because of the increase in fuel price, people chose to sit home instead of going out. On the evening, we went to Lumut to buy some anchovies and dried fish to bring home. Anchovies stock at my house also nearly finished. The thing about anchovies which I hate is to cut them into two pieces in the middle and remove the black dirt inside it. The anchovies are small and it'd very tedious doing this job back at home.

the view from our room

the beautiful landscape

Then, we headed to Billion supermarket because my brother need to bought some necessities. Hostel life is always like that. We need to bought a lot of things especially food and toiletries. My brother said that the food at the cafe are suck. He cannot even swallow the food as they were tasteless.

We had our break fast at the resort. My mom already paid for the buffet which cost RM25 per person. It's quite cheap because in Shah Alam, you will never get this kind of cheap buffet. There were many kind of food, drink and desserts served. I tried the char kuetiau, rice with dishes (fish fillet in cheesy lemon gravy, chicken, butter prawn, fried crabs and many more). Certain types of salads also were served as well as dates and fruits. There were also several kind of porridge; rice porridge and sweet porridge. I took mango juice as my drink. I also had a little bit sip of the ABC because it's not really tasty and sweet.

with the food.. yum2...


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