Monday, September 1, 2008

31 August 2008

I knew that today's was the 51st Malaysia's Independence Day, but I didn't go anywhere to celebrate it. There's a parade at Dataran Merdeka as usual and it was shown on TV. However, I had other plan to do today which is to go to Elia's house at Ampang because she was holding an open house for her flight to Ireland tomorrow.


I followed my parents to AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang to do some shopping. The main purpose we went there was to buy a handcam because later in this year, we will go overseas to travel. It might be useful later on. Mega Sale was still going on in that place and today was the sale day for the big sale. We bought Sony Handycam which was sold with a promotional price. Therefore, it was cheaper than it supposed to be. We also had a little walk inside Jusco and bought some necessities. I bought something for Elia as her flight present.

Then, we had our lunch at Andalas Kopitiam. I had Kuetiau Tomyam as my meal as well as warm lime drink. Then, we headed home because I need to go to Ampang as soon as possible.


I drove all along the way to Ampang alone by using KESAS highway. It's easier to use this highway because I know the roads well. The weather was also didn't look good. It was raining heavily. Then, I fetched Azery and Jiji at AU3. They waited for me at a bus stop and I nearly missed them by a kilometre. Luckily Jiji called me telling me that they were behind me. Then, I made a u-turn and then we directly went to Elia's place.

We arrived there at about 3.15 pm. Senah and Pah nearly took their leave because they had been there for an hour. Senah also had some plan with her mom. Elia sent them to the nearest LRT station while we, the boys ate the food there. I ate spagetti, as well as nasi minyak. Azery loved the apam very much and he ate 4 of them. Later, Elia's other friends arrived. They were Elia's ex-schoolmates. I wonder why all Elia's friends are mostly boys. Hee...

We had a little chit chat and when the time was nearly reached 5 pm, we took our leave because I had other place to go with my sister after this. We took some pictures in front of Elia's house. I couldn't come to KLIA tomorror to send her off.

Azery, Elia and Jij

me, Elia and Jiji

me, Elia and Azery

After sending Azery and Jiji home, I drove fastly to my home. I took half an hour to reach home.

Eye on Malaysia

When I arrived at home, I quickly perform my Asar prayer and had a quick bath because my body was very sweaty due to the hot environment inside Elia's house. Then, my sister and her husband came and we directly went to Eye on Malaysia which is located at Tasik Titiwangsa.

Today was the last day to ride this big wheel because this thing will be move dto somewhere else after this. The banner said that in October, the Eye on Malaysia will be placed at Malacca. Not so many people were queuing to buy tickets. It costed RM15 for an adult.

my brother and I

queuing for ticket

Then, the time has come. It's our turn to ride this wheel for the last time at Titiwangsa. The cabin is air-conditioned and I loved the cold environment inside it. We were rotated up in the air for about 6-7 turns, I also didn't remember. We took several pictures inside it and also the view outside. This wheel is located just beside Istana Budaya.

with my sister

Eye on Malaysia at night

I bought a fridge magnet as souvenir which costed me RM4. That was cheap. Then, we had our dinner at Chop n Stick at Kampong Baru. We had Western meal. I ordered mix steak along with apple juice.

Then, we went to my sister's house at Puncak Perdana. My brother and I slept there overnight. My brother played PSP and PS2 there while I was busy transforming the Transformers toys owned by my brother in-law.

so many Optimus Prime!



cahaya wawa said...

aku suke megatroN!!!! heee..

Unknown said...

haha, susah banget nk tuka megatron tu.. optimus prime jauh lebih mudah.. hee..

Anonymous said...

bestnye korang dpt melantak kat rumah elia..

cahaya wawa said...

heee... iwa meh aku kongsi ngan ko permainan yg aku minat.. hotwheels.. heee... sebabkan aku terlalu berjimat x dpt bli. so lately aku telah mengahabiskan bbrp hengget utk bli sum cars yg cute22...

Unknown said...

alah, hotwheel murah.. kt supermarket byk.. hee..
xtau lak ko ske bli hotwheel.. slame ko kuar ngn aku x penah2 ko bli...

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