Sunday, December 7, 2008


I recently went to Tawau which is located in Sabah. I went there with my family by boarding Air Asia since we got cheap tickets.

Our flight to Tawau was in the early morning which is at about 7.20 am. Therefore we moved from home at 5.00 am. The LCCT, KLIA was very packed with people who were very eager to go travel or to visit their hometown since Hari Raya Aidiladha is coming soon. In fact, I never saw this hectiness of LCCT in my entire life even though I have been using LCCT for a quite lots of time.

waiting to board our morning flight

peace in the plane

We arrived at Tawau at 10.20 something. I slept all over my journey here, thus I didn't realised that the journey consumed more than 2 hours. We didn't used any travel agent service because we want to cut of our budget due to excessive travel I will have later on in this month.

Tawau isn't a good place to travel though. There are not many interesting places to visit. Many foreigners came here just to go to Sipadan Island which is rich in natural beauty like the crystal clear sea, stunting corals and multitypes of beautiful fishes.

One things I don't like about this place is that the people here loves to litter anywhere and spit the disgusting saliva anywhere the like. Tawau also isn't very beautiful because of this behaviour. There are rubbish everywhere.

The food here also has nothing special. It's just like the common restaurant which I can be found in Shah Alam indeed.

1st Day

in front of the airport

Not many activities today except tour around the town by walking. The town is quite small. Therefore we can reach many places by walking. We were staying in Monaco Hotel.

2nd Day

We went to Semporna after breakfast by taking 'kereta sapu' or sweep car.. Hehe.. If we used taxi, it would cost like RM50 per head. The journey from Tawau to Semporna took about 1 and a half hour because the distance is about 110 km.

In Semporna, which is a small town, we took boat to round around the islands nearby. We didn't go to Sipadan Island because we didn't make reservation before. The amount of tourists in Sipadan in strictly limited to about 120 person only.

We dropped by Singgamata which is somekind of floating restaurant and fisheries. The was a big natural aquarium in there with big fishes; some with a size of human, some small sharks, giant spotted groupers, and many small striped fishes.

the big natural aquarium where they keep fishes alive

crystal clear water

Then, we continued our sea tour to Kg Tumpih-tumpih which is famous because it had become one of the major set for Duyung film. Then, it started to rain lightly. My mom asked me to swim there, but I refused because I was very lazy to get changed even though I had brought my swimming attire.

After watching the Bajau Laut village along the seaside, we went back to the harbour. After lunch, we went to Kunak because my mon wanted to buy some dried fish and shrimps.

3rd Day

Early in the morning after breakfast, we went to the jetty. My mom really want to go to Indonesia border which is famous with cheap crafts. There were a lot of Indonesian at the jetty, perhaps they wanted to go back to their hometown for upcoming festival, Hari Raya Aidiladha. My parents were quite shocked to find out that the one way ferry ticket costed RM75. That was very expensive! My dad didn't realised the ticket price was that expensive when he bought it.

While waiting for our ferry, we walked around the town to buy newspaper but in vain. No newspaper had arrived and therefore we went back to the hectic jetty. Usually, papers would arrive in the evening. That was quite late because in Shah Alam, newspapers are available early in the morning.

The journey by ferry took my precious 1 and a half hour. I couldn't sleep at all because the kids in the ferry were very noisy and playing arounf in the ferry. Many passengers also making noise with their conversation.

In Nunukan (Indonesia), the atmosphere the is not as I expected. There's nothing to buy here. We just had a quick visit around the small town. The weather also quite hot today. My dad just bought 2 rubber mats near the jetty.

Nothing special here.. Really..

4th Day

It was the last day. We didn't go anywhere except to have our breakfast and lunch. We waited at the airport for about 4 hours because our flight scheduled at 8.40 pm. But then, it was delayed for half an hour to 9.10 pm.

Even thought this trip wasn't very enjoying, I still don't mind about that. It just happen that my family loves to travel.


Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya Tawau banyak tempat menarik tetapi ia lebih kepada Aktiviti Luar ..bandar tawau just ok tetapi sebenarnya tawau adalah syurga untuk kaki pancing dan kaki camping.. sebenarnya awak tak perasan yg bilangan hotel di tawau ada lebih daripada 20 dan 15 daripadanya adalah 2 star atau lebih.. jikalau tawau bukan tempat yg menarik pelancong tak akan datang ke sini..dan sebenarnya rakyat asing lebih mengetahui kelebihan tawau daripada rakyat malaysia.. mungkin akan datang saudara akan dtg ke tawau dan bergembira dgn maklumat ini

Anonymous said...

I went to Tawau very often with my mates from Sydney Australia. The seafood [crabs, lobster and king prawn] was cheap and fabulous. We bought them from the fish market then walked 3 minutes up the Central market and asked the food stall keeper to cook for us [at a cheap rate]. Again, did you miss the well known seafood restuarant situated at the junction between Lahad Datu and Kunak? How about pinic at Gemok or Tawau Hill waterfall National Parks and not to forget shaking hands with the orang utang at nearby Sipolok reserve? Tawau people sre friendly as a whole, they are just like brother and sister at the main penisular.
Bahiong. 09 April 2009

Richard Ker said...

There are other interesting places to visit check out

Eda Latiff said...

akan bercuti di semporna awal bulan depan...mungkin banyak lagi tempat2 menarik yg boleh dilawati..tapi, Tawau lebih kepada mereka yg gemarkan aktiviti lasak i ges..sbb byk tempat2 utk divers di sana..seafood juga murah berbanding KK..=)

Unknown said...

yup, cudn't agree more.. tawau mmg utk pgemar aktiviti marine.. kalol setakat jalan2 bdr je, xde pape sgt.. aritu pn pegi saje2 je, xde plan utk pergi smporna pon.. hehe..

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