Monday, December 8, 2008

Family Day

nearly completed family picture

During the Hari Raya Aidiladha recently, my family and my paternal relatives had organise a family day for our big family. This celebration took place at my grandparents' villa at Batu Pahat, Johor. My family was assigned to prepare a Family Tree Book for the guests and doorgifts as well. This was the first paternal family day in our history.

Sunday - Dec 7th

We arrived at my grandparents' house quite late which was at 2.00 pm. My uncle call my parents several times asking where were we when we haven't reach there yet. When we arrived there, there were so many people dressed in red (the t-shirts were sponsored by my uncle). We were the last one to registered for the family day.

Atih, Sufi & me

busy packing the doorgift

The event started with some speech by my dad, uncle and the event manager. Then, telematch which was conducted by Kak Nora and her sisters took place. These games were participated by the small children, while for the adults and teenagers, we were just watching. These activities were done under two canopy in front of the house. There was also a banner saying "Hari Keluarga Haji Nasipan 2008".


Nyaei & Yaei

grilled cockels


In the evening, we were supposed to have some sort of landscape competition but due to several factors, it was cancelled off. Therefore, we just rest until night came. I followed my sisters and brothers to Carrefour to buy lamb because we were going to have BBQ party tonight instead of normal dinner.

toothpaste commercial

After a quick tahlil ceremony, I helped out my brother in law to prepared sauce for the lamb fillet. After Isyak prayer, the male started to light on the charcoal in the griller and started grilling the chicken, stingray, ikan kembung, and the lamb fillet.

While the men preparing the food, my uncle asked all the great grandchildren (cicit) to gathered in the balcony. He started asking them questions about the family members. I have to admit that I still didn't know some of my relatives especially my cousins' children. The family members keep on growing without my knowledge.

I also entered a quiz which where organised by Kak Su and Kak Noli. It's a 15 question quiz about general knowledge. Some of the questions were:

What is the biggest lake in Malaysia?

What is the name of the second Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Name 3 of the 7 wonders in the world.

and so forth...

Then, I continued my job to disturb the adults who were busy with the grill. While I was busy squeezing lemon juice on top of the lamb fillet, my name was called by my uncle. I won a prize for the quiz but I didn't remember what rank I got but I'm not in the first place. My other two brothers also won the prize. Actually, all grandchildren who aged between 12-25 years old were compulsory to took part in the quiz.

My uncle also asked an open question about our family members. For example:

What's the full name of my brother's wife?

What's my grandmother's IC number?

What's the nickname for my cousin?

and many more difficult questions...

Then, we had our dinner at last. I grabbes a coupled of chicken, salads and the sauce as well as syrup drink. I enjoyed my meal very much because I really like eating western food. Yum yum~
My mom distributed a Tekaria question to my father's siblings. The question was about my grandparents' weight and also my eldest uncle's. The prize was a food hamper prepared by me. My uncle also light on some firecrackers, the big one like we could see around KLCC during new year celebration.

After announcing the winners and also cleaning up the compound (where we had our BBQ meal), I went to bed (not really bed, but just a toto). Early in the morning at 4 am, suddenly I heard many loud explosion sound of firecrackers. That indicated that we have to wake up for qiamullail.
We performed Solat Tahajud, Solat Tasbih, Solat Taubat as well as Solat Hajat.

After Subuh prayer, most of us went back to sleep until the sun rised.

Monday - Dec 8th

Today was Hari Raya Aidiladha but I woke up quite late to perform Hari Raya Aidiladha prayer at the nearby mosque. After taking a quick bath and enjoy no breakfast (because I was afraid my stomach would ache in the mosque), my father and brothers and I went to the mosque. I was still raining from last night.

After we went back to my grandparents' house, I had my breakfast which was lontong and the leftover chicken from last night BBQ. Then I went back upstairs to continue my sleep while my brother was busy playing PSP.

Then, it's time to woke up. It's time to watch the slaughtering of cow, or we calles it qurban. I don't really like watching this, but I forced myself to do so to overcome my fear. This year, two cows were reserved by my relatives. My father took 1 part of the cow while others parts for my grandparents and relatives.

First, the cow were slaughtered by using a very sharp knife. Then, it would be left to die before we could remove the skin. Then, we cut it into parts so that we could chopped it into small pieces to distribute it among our relatives. I just watched the process because I didn't want to make my hand dirty because I was assigned by my mom to take some photographs during the process.

my mom & Along

busy like butcher stall

It was still raining.

At 3.00 pm, I followed my sister and brother in law to go back to Shah Alam while my parents stayed there because they wili be heading to Johor Bahru to pick up my maternal grandmother before they head to Shah Alam.

~The end~


Putet Kanmani said...

wei, thts pic yg ko kt toothpaste ads tu sgt smart weyh!! love the camera ur using...model dia...errmm...biasa sajorrr!!! huhu...happy hols!

Unknown said...

haha.. tu camera abg aku lor... aku pun mmg berharap nk bli satu nnt.. holiday da nk abes da pown.. huhu..

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