Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Phuket | Thailand [Day 3 - 3 Khai Islands]

Hello peeps~

So, on our third day in Phuket, we joined the 3-island tour namely Khai Nok, Khai Nai and Khai Nui. Since we all had previously went to Phi Phi Island therefore this time we skipped the tour. The tour started in the morning where the van picked us up at the hotel.

Khai Nai

We spent a lot of time on this first island, mostly swimming and snorkeling around the beach. The sand was so white and the water was so clear. The rock structures around the island make the island looks beautiful. Emie and I spent quite a lot of time taking photos here, while Lukman enjoyed his snorkeling time.

Khai Nui

We did not stop on the island, but the boat made a brief stop in the middle of the sea. They gave us half an hour to snorkel here. Emie did not go down for snorkeling because he was feeling seasick, so only Lukman and I jumped off the boat. The only thing I remembered was that the guide shouted at us saying that there was a giant jellyfish roaming around. Gelabah ok! Cemas. Most of us were so panicked and quickly boarded the boat again. Demyu jellyfish, you are poisonous to us.

Khai Nok

Last but not least, the last stop was at Khai Nok Island. Here, they provided us with light lunch and fruits. We got a few buns to eat. We brought a loaf of bread as well to feed the fishes. The fishes were so hungry and they ate like crazy when we tossed the bread chunks. Haha..

4th Day

On our last day, in the morning, Lukman and I went for a quick stroll along the Patong beach.We watched some tourists were sunbathing, paragliding, swimming and a few of them were even jogging. What a healthy lifestyle. We also went to Starbucks to buy a tumbler for my friend who last minutely wanted it. We bought some pastries for breakfast as well. It is very important to take breakfast if you are traveling, or you will be feeling dizzy and make your friends uncomfortable. It should be a fun trip.

Checking out from Phuket, see you next time!

Some souvenir. :)


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