Sunday, August 7, 2016

Japan [Day 2 - Tokyo]



Today was our second day in Japan and we were already feeling the hype. Couldn't wait to explore Tokyo! So roughly our plan for today was to leave the First Cabin early in the morning, then dropped our backpacks in any train station and then toured around Tokyo city.

There are a lot of places to visit in Tokyo, thus we picked some popular tourist spots. Well, if we were to visit all places in Tokyo, I believed we wouldn't make it to Osaka then. So we left the airport at 7am by taking train and headed towards Akihabara station. It was good to have friend who could wake up early in the morning effortlessly, without the need of waking him up. Such a good friend. We dropped our backpacks in a locker (500 yen) here in Akihabara station. The reason we chose this station was because we were coming back to this area later today to explore Akihabara. I heard they sell a lot of interesting stuffs here. Ka-ching!

Excited for a new journey

Our personalised Suica


We purchased Suica Cards at ticketing machines here. Suica Card is like Touch N Go card in Malaysia where we need to reload it with certain amount of money and then use it to board trains. We personalised the card with our names and reloaded it with 2000yen (includes 500yen refundable deposit). Next, we dropped by a mart nearby to buy some breads for breakfast.

We're planning to buy Japanese tourist simcard for easy internet access but maybe later of the day. For the beginning, we just depended on the free Wifi that are available at most of the train stations. By the way, Google map was very helpful here. We used it for planning train route to reach any places and this app includes the costs as well.

After that, we continued our journey to Odaiba.


Yeayyy, we're finally reached Odaiba safely after half an hour of train journey. Once we reached there, we're kinda lost. We saw the Statue of Liberty first, so we walked there first. After taking photos here and there, we wanted to go to the famous Gundam statue but we didn't know which direction should we go. So what did we do? We walked towards Starbucks, stood outside for a few minutes and used their Wifi to find direction. After doing some screenshot, we walked towards to the correct path. It wasn't that far really, just a few blocks away.

The weather was okay today with the sun shone so brightly with occasional winds. We found the big Gundam and as usual took selfie here and there. A lot of tourists and locals were already gathered near the statue. Turned out that there would be a concert taking place here today, but we didn't recognise who the artist obviously. The Gundam Cafe and souvenir shop still weren't opened since it's not 10am yet. Didn't want to spend much time here, we left Odaiba and continue our journey to Asakusa.


We stopped at Asakusa station and walked towards the Asakusa shrine. Oh my, there were like millions of people here. Like there was some sort of ceremony. We reached Kaminarimon Gate and many tourists were already taking photos here. Urghh, so many humans! What's interesting about this gate is that there is a giant lantern hanging in the middle of the gate. Quite nice actually. Would be nicer if the background has lesser people.

The route towards the Asakusa shrine is filled with two rows of shops ranging from food, souvenirs, toys and many others. Souvenirs like keychains, magnets, t-shirts and snacks could be found here. We purchased some keychains and I bought some Pokemon figures as well. Then, we went to Asakusa shrine, take photos and walked further back to Sensoji shrine. Sensoji shrine is smaller than Asakusa shrine. Mane food vendors selling takoyaki, grilled meats, corns, chocolate-coated bananas and a lot more of food variants here. I wished I could eat all of them!

Kaminarimon Gate

So many tourists!

Asakusa Shrine


Food vendors


Next, we took the train to Ueno. My intention to stop here was to visit Hard Rock Cafe Uyeno-Eki. It's located inside the train station. But before that, we went for a stroll outside and walked towards Ueno Park. This park was crowded with people. We made a quick round and watched some street performances. There was a Japanese man playing diabolo here.

We also met Kurumin Aroma while we walked around the park. Who was she? We had no idea. She approached us and asked us to wished her with birthday greeting because today was her birthday. Layankan aje. She recorded us wishing "Kurumin, happy birthday!" on camera as well. Moreover, she's kinda insisted us to follow her on Youtube. Sorry girl, your are not that famous.

After spending about 45 minutes here, we continued our walk back to the station and went directly to Hard Rock Cafe. I bought a few pins and t-shirts for my family and friends who ordered from me, while Lukman went outside to survey some simcards. After a few minutes, we met outside the Hard Rock Cafe. After a brief discussion, I followed Lukman back to the shop and we bought the simcards for 3000 yen. It's a mobile internet plan for 4GB internet/15  days. It's sufficient enough for us, easy to use Google map later on.

Then, we walked back towards the station, along the way I saw some capsule toys machines. We stopped for a few minutes and I tikam-tikam and got the Minions toys/phone straps. Hehehe..

We're actually in a rush because we promised our house landlady to meet around 3.30pm at Oji station. Choo choooo *sound of the train*. We arrived at Oji station about 15 minutes later and the landlady's son picked us up at the station. The room that we booked located about 10 minutes walk from the station. Quite okay though. We followed the boy and he advised us to remembered the path well. He walked kinda fast. The house was okay, it was clean. Although our room was a bit small, it was comfortable enough for us. As long as we had place to sleep, we should be grateful. Proper hotel rooms are very expensive especially in big city like Tokyo and Osaka.

After performing our prayer, we went back outside heading to Roppongi.


Nothing much to do here, we just went to Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo and then searched for a halal restaurant nearby. We found one but they only serve yakiniku-styled of food (BBQ meat). For now, Lukman couldn't eat hard food because of his mouth/gum problem.So, we passed this one. After I'd done shopping in Hard Rock Cafe, we decided to find halal food in Akihabara.


Back in our very initial station (our backpacks were here, don't forget!), we walked outside towards the Yodobashi-Akihabara mall. We found a McDonald's. Next to it, there is a halal kebab shop owned by a Turkish. Alhamdulillah, we got the chance to have dinner here. We ordered chicken kebab rice (600 yen each). It was delicious and spicy. I like it very much! Then I went to McDonald's and had a matcha + bean McFlurry. The green tea flavour was so intense but I still loved it!

After satisfying our hunger pangs, we had a tour inside Yodobashi. It's a big mall with a lot of floors selling different kind of stuffs. First, we surveyed the electronic section. Surprisingly, there were a lot of choice ranging from old to new gadgets. They were still selling radio tape and cassettes, which were kinda extincted in Malaysia. Lol

We proceeded to the next floor and looked for watch/clock section. My mom gave me some money to buy her a watch. There were many options to picked from, so many brands!When we found a nice design within the targeted budget, we purchased it. Foreigners entitled for tax exemption (show them your passports) and received additional discount if we paid with Visa card. Since I have no Visa card, Lukman voluntarily to pay for me first then I'd paid him in cash later. Thanks dear! Now, watch-hunting was done! Next, toy hunting! My favourite part of course!

There's a floor full with toys. Soooo many toys ranging from Pokemon, Super Sentai, Transformers, Star Wars, gashapons, and many others. My main target was Pokemon. I saw Pokemon Moncolle figures and looked at the price. Oh my, they were super cheap! One figure for approximately RM8. In Malaysia, they are sold at RM30 each. Kuntilanak kau. So I bought a lot. Pity Lukman he had to wait for me. He checked me out for several times but I still hadn't done choosing yet. At first I didn't take a basket, but after seeing myself "couldn't get enough" of the Pokemon, I decided to walk back to the front and take a basket. Okay now done with shopping, let's head back to Oji and get some rest. We took our backpacks from the locker and then took the train to Oji.


Before reaching our temporary home, we dropped by Family Mart to buy something for breakfast. Our usual breakfast was usually comprised of bread/buns/dorayaki/sandwich and a chocolate drink, preferably Van Houten. Back in our room, we made itinerary for tomorrow's activities. We Googled which places to visit and noted down the respective train stations.

Finally, lights off..


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