Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Japan [Day 7 - Fukuoka & Osaka]

Universal Studios Japan 15th Anniversary

Our 7th day in Japan. Oh God, it's one week already!

We left Nagasaki in the morning and took the train to Hakata.


Hard Rock Cafe Fukuoka

We stopped here only for a while. I'm visiting my 4th Hard Rock Cafe in Japan which is Hard Rock Cafe Fukuoka. The cafe is located not far from the Hakata station, it took us around 10 minutes because we're quite unsure which way to took. Lastly we managed to locate it. The cafe was recently relocated here from its previous location. My friend said that the last one was located quite far from the station. Since the cafe was just re-opened a few days ago, they sell re-opening merchandise exclusively. Bought a few stuffs here. Some for me, some for friends who ordered a lot. 

Hard Rock Cafe Fukuoka

Then, we had lunch at Subway. We tried the avocado shrimp subs. It was delicious! Then at around 2pm, we took shinkansen to Osaka. The journey took 2 hours.

Our lunch


Universal City Walk & Hard Rock Cafe Osaka UCW

We reached Osaka at around 4pm and took a train to Dobutsuen Mae where our hotel is located. We're staying at Hotel Sunplaza 2 Annex, an affordable hotel to stay in. The hotel was okay but the toilet/bathroom is located outside the room. I guessed it was okay for youngsters like us, not very suitable for family. We performed our prayer then I headed outside again. Lukman said he wanted to stay to have some rest. 

Then, I went to Universal City Walk alone. I took the wrong train, I mean the wrong direction thus I arrived quite late at the Universal City walk. Emie was there waiting outside the Hard Rock Cafe. He brought me inside the cafe (he already did some shopping before I arrived), and I bought some merchandise. We also took the chance to visit several souvenir shops inside the same block. I bought more stuffs such as Minion keychains and Universal Studios magnets. We didn't enter the Universal Studios this time due to budget cut, perhaps some other time. I'm coming here again next year.

Emie just joined us for the trip

Universal City Walk

Hard Rock Cafe Osaka UCW

Pokemon Center Osaka

Pokemon Center is located near Osaka main station, inside Daimaru Umeda departmental store. We went out to find the elevator and went to 13th floor. The Pokemon Center was not as crowded as Pokemon Center Yokohama thus I got the chance to wander around calmly.


Hard Rock Cafe Osaka

My 3rd Hard Rock Cafe today and the 6th in Japan. Finally my Hard Rock Cafe tour was complete! To reach here, took the subway to Hommachi and walk upstairs to reach the cafe. As usual, bought some stuffs here. Nothing else to do. Then, we went back to the hotel to put all our stuffs in.

Hard Rock Cafe Osaka


At night, we went out again to find some dinner. Emie said he's hungry for rice thus we had briyani at Ali's Kitchen which is located in Shinsaibashi. Halal food was very expensive here, a plate of briyani costed around 1300yen excluding drinks. Thus, please be very reasonable when planning to dine out. Usually a couple pack of onigiri was enough for us, but I knew Emie didn't really fancy it. After that, we went for a walk in the shopping street of Shinsaibashi. Too bad, a lot of shops already closed because it was already 9pm. Since we got not much things to do here, I bought a melon frappucino from Starbucks. It was very nice!

Off to dinner

Briyani 1300yen

Melon Frappucino

The sewer cap is so pretty


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