Thursday, August 18, 2016

Japan [Day 8 - Hiroshima & Himeji]

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome


Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Today was a little bit different. We had our separate agenda. Emie went to Kyoto to have a day tour there while Lukman and I were going to Hiroshima. We took a shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima and the journey took around one and a half hour. Then, we took a bus from the station heading towards Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. The weather was rainy today. I had my cardigan and an umbrella with me. It was cold and wet. The entrance fee is 50 yen only. We dropped by a souvenir shop at the lobby where I bought a few postcards and magnets.

The museum was quite similar with the one in Nagasaki, with the remnants and histories. This city was where the first atomic bomb was dropped by the USA prior to bombing of Nagasaki. The bomb wiped out 90% of the city and killed 80,000 people. Three days later, Nagasaki was bombed. resulted in 40,000 casualties. We spent about an hour here before proceeding to the monument outside.

The museum

The monument

Atomic Bomb Dome

Atomic Bomb Dome is a common name for the historical Hiroshima Peace Memorial, located not far from the museum. We walked here under the pouring rain. Spent a few minutes here before heading back to the town.

The dome

After getting wet by the rain, we decided to stay indoor. Thus we walked further to some shop lots. We entered Sogo, looking for some food because it's lunch time! I had a few sushi and bought a pack of strawberries. Luckily there are a few tables inside the supermarket. Therefore, we ate our lunch there.

Pokemon Center Hiroshima

Finding a Pokemon Center was unintentional. I accidentally saw Pokemon Center logo at the elevator door inside the Sogo. Since we still had some time left, Lukman agreed to accompany me here. Last time in Yokohama, the Pokemon mascots are Pikachu, Froakie and Turtwig. Well here the mascots are Pikachu and Red Gyarados aka Shining Gyarados. As usual, I bought some stuff here. :)

Pikachu and Red Gyarados 

Cute Pikachu headscarf but quite pricey

After we're done with the Pokemon Center, we walked towards the bus stop. Prior to that, we entered Tokyu Hands which is quite a large departmental store. They sell a lot of stuffs. We did not buy anything yet, just did some window shopping. Then, we went outside to the bus stop nearby to catch a bus to Hiroshima Station. To our surprise, the bus was late. We were worried that we'd miss our shinkansen to Himeji. We did. We missed it by 1 minute. Duh. Ni semua salah bas itu.

We boarded the next train to Himeji, in unreserved seat coach. Luckily there're still some empty seats. So our journey to Himeji took longer than it should due to the train stopped at every stations. Yup, every stations. Thus we arrived at Himeji very late. Very very late. Poor Emie.

Nice view along the way, from the train window


Himeji Castle

Emie had waited for us at Himeji station more than an hour. Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. It's the bus fault. So what's interesting in Himeji? Himeji Castle of couse! Asides from Osaka Castle, Himeji Castle is also quite famous among the tourists. Since we arrived late, we didn't get the chance to enter the castle, instead we just roamed around the compound taking photos and visited the souvenir shops. It was still raining.

We left Himeji at dusk and at night, then we dropped by Hard Rock Cafe Osaka again to buy some last minute order from our friends. 

Then, we called it a night.

Tomorrow we're going to Kobe!


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