Monday, August 22, 2016

Japan [Day 11 - Kansai International Airport]

It's time to go back to Malaysia.

We left our hotel at 7 o'clock in the morning. We took JR train from Shin-Imamiya station to Kansai International Airport. The fee was around 1,400 yen if I'm not mistaken. The journey took approximately 50 minutes.

Sayonara Japan! Gonna miss you!

Kansai International Airport (KIX)

We sorted our luggage and planned to wrap our small bags before checking-in. The staff at the wrapping service suggested us to buy box and put all our bags inside. It was actually a great idea, and cheaper too. So we bought two big boxes, one for Lukman and one for me. We rearranged our stuff so that our backpacks were in minimal weight of 7kg. At last, we managed to check-in our luggage without any problem.

Toilet selfie

Pokemon Store KIX

Yeay, another Pokemon shop here. It's just a small shop featuring Pikachu statue in pilot costume. Didn't buy anything here, I'm broke already. Haha..


We had some time to wandered inside the airport and dropped by a few shops. We bought Uniqlo t-shirts which costed 1,500 yen. We bought one each. After that, we walked towards the boarding area.

Couldn't wait to eat Malaysian food again. We had enough onigiri.. Haha

Thanks reader for following my 11-day journey to Japan. It was definitely a great and memorable experience. InsyaAllah will be going to Japan again next year, but this time with my family.

For any detailed inquiry, you can just pm me or leave comments here.

Thanks you! :)



Fatin said...

Good you have such a great holiday in Japan! :D

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