Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Japan [Day 3 - Tokyo]


Tsukiji Fish Market

We started our day at Tsukiji Fish Market. It's a famous place where you could enjoy seafood. Although there were a lot of shops and a wide variety of seafood available, we found that they were quite pricey. We went in the morning but there were already sea of tourists there. Most of them came to try the Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi (fresh fish fillet), grilled scallops, tamago (fried egg) and not forgetting the famous Japanese desserts, mochi! It's a glutinous rice ball with red bean filling and topped with fresh strawberries. Here, we tried the sushi with freshly sliced fish fillet but it costed us 2000 yen (RM74) for 6 sushis. Forget the price, the sushi was awesome. The fillets was so big and juicy. We also tried the mochi and also chocolote-coated strawberries.


The crowds

Fresh fishes sliced to perfection


Tokyo Tower

After finishing the market tour, we took the train to Tokyo Tower. We had to walked uphill to reach the tower though. The weather was very nice today, bright and shone brightly. I loved the blue sky today! Initially we planned to go up the tower but after seeing the long queue, we decided not to. We saw a bunch of kids raced in Mario Carts near the tower. Cute kids! They were racing on the real road, not in tracks. Then, we walked to the next station and boarded the train to the Imperial Palace.

Tokyo Tower

Mario Cart

Imperial Palace

The Imperial Place is quite a big place to explore. There are a few parks and fields inside the compound. We observed a lot of people were enjoying themselves the sunny weather. They layed their bodies down on the green grass while some of them were having picnic with family and friends. The entrance is free of charge. Here lies a few old buildings from the old times. We spent about an hour here and ended up with eating ice creams from the souvenir shop.


We made a brief stop here. This place was over crowded with people. We entered GAP after seeing the 50% signage outside the shop. Haha.. Then, we dropped by Daiso to see what's the different between Daiso here compared to Daiso in Malaysia. Obviously they sell the same items. Bought some stuffs from Daiso and then we walked 3km to our next destination. Oh ya, I also tried the new Fanta Melon from McDonald's but I wasn't impressed with the flavour. It tasted like F&N Fruitade. Huhuhu.. There is Sesame Street Cafe here as well. We bought some souvenirs here at a souvenir booth. Three pieces of fridge magnets for 1000 yen (RM36). They weren't so cheap thus we couldn't buy as many as we wished to.

Meiji Shrine

After that 3km walk, I started to lose my mood. When we reached Meiji Shrine I felt like a wanted to lie down and rest, but I wasn't that crazy. The shrine is very nice and located deep inside a woods. We walked slowly under the tree shades and cool air. We took several photos here and there and then moved on to our next destination.

Tokyo Camii Shibuya

Tokya Mosque is located near Shibuya but not in the cemtre of Shibuya. We alighted from the train at Yoyogi-Uehara station and walked 5 minutes to the mosque. The mosque was beautiful with Turkish design. We met several Indonesian tourists here as well. After performing our prayer, we rested ourselves a little bit before continuing our journey. What's interesting at that moment was that there was a recently married couple doing photoshoot inside the mosque. Barakallah to both of them!

Shibuya Crossing & Hachiko

It's a must for tourists to visit this popular spot in Tokyo which was Shibuya crossing! It's a pedestrian crossings intersecting a few roads and it's quite huge and hectic. Other attraction here is a Hachiko statue outside the Shibuya station.

Hachiko the loyal dog

Naritaya Asakusa - Halal Ramen

It's time for dinner! We only had proper meal once daily only, and we usually had lunch with onigiri. Alhamdulillah it was sufficient to give us energy to travel around. We went back to Asakusa and searched for the halal ramen restaurant. We manages to find it after several attempts. They were a few Indonesians tourists inside the restaurant as well but they sat upstairs. We ordered the ramen (700 yen) and it was superrrr delicious. It's warm and full of Japanese flavour. We had a little chat with the cook, a Pakistani lady who doesn't love to travel because she doesn't like being in crowded place. Lol, this akak is so funny. She thought Lukman and I were brothers because we wore the same t-shirts and spectacles.


Tokyo Skytree

We closed our night at Tokyo Skytree. Not planning to enter it, we just wandered around the bottom. It's already dark. We went inside the souvenir shop but the item prices were not-so-cheap. I was planning to buy the miniature of the tower, but not-so-affordable to me. Well, we had 8 days more here, I better saved some money for next cities.

Finally, we ended our day here. We too the train back to Oji and had a good night sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a new journey. 


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