Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hospital Attachment II

Last week, I attended a three-day hospital attachment at Hospital Tunku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR) Klang again. Even though it was just for three days, but I gained a lot of exprience especially regarding drugs and diseases. Some drugs are not even in BNF so I need to check with the internet. Sometimes also, two drugs are combined forming a new name.

I partnered with Bee, luckily the lecturer didn't assigned our partner according to the name list. We managed to clerked about 4 patient, each with different diagnoses and impressions. We started our attachment at 9 am and usually finished at 2-3 pm.


Case 1
Quite a long and complicated case though. The patient has:
1. sepsis secondaru to DFU (diabetic food ulcer)
2. uncontrolled DM (diabetes mellitus)
3. anaemia
4. hyponatraemia, hyperkalaemia
5. acute renal failure secondary to dehydration

Okay, this case is definitely hard, so we agreed to reject this out.

Case 2
This on was very simple and brief. The patient was simply diagnosed with pneumonia to rule out pulmonary tuberculosis. We were so afraid of getting infected during clerking, so we copy everything from the bed head ticket quickly. However, the patient was discharged in the next day, so we also rejected this case. This case only involves six drugs, so it wasn't enough for our presentation.

Case 3
This case was quite similar with my previous case with Wanji. Anaemia secondary to chronic kidney disease with underlying hypertension and diabetes mellitus. The patient also has fluid overload.

Case 4
Quite an interesting case where the patient was just recover from cerebrovascular accident (stroke) with right side hemiparesis.

bye-bye HTAR

Alhamdulillah, the attachment went very well except we were not assigned to an individual pharmacist like the previous group. So we were not discussing with the pharmacist but with our own lecturers.


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