Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Backpacking in Singapore

What can I say? Two days trip to Singapore was definitely FUN, MEMORABLE and WORTHY. We had so much fantastic experience during this trip especially in the Universal Studios Singapore. In fact, this was my first time stepping my feet in Singapore. Ewah2, pergi Indonesia meriah2 sampai setahun pergi dua tiga kali, tapi pergi Singapura baru sekali seumur hidup yek! Thanks to Lukman and Emie for the most wonderful trip ever!


We boarded our executive coach (Five Stars Tours) at Jalan Pudu at about 11 pm. We got excited and jakun a bit because we didn't expect the coach to be luxurious with personal TV where we could watch latest movies and also play games. We were also provided with a bottle of mineral water each.


Saturday (Universal Studios)We arrived at Universal Studios at 4 am. Before that, the coach stopped at Boon Lay to drop a guy there. We were like mati katak when we arrived, what are we going to do until the USS open? So we rounded the mall around the for a while. There's a casino, a membership corner, several shops which were closed because it's 4 am! We made our Resort World membership card there and then went to Oasis Lounge to check in and drop our bags there. It's quite cheap, at $4 you get a small locker (24 hour) , a towel and a set of toiletries. If there's an empty bed, you can rest there. However, the lounge was full at that time, so we rested on the floor only.

After we took a bath, we went up to 7 Eleven to buy breakfast which was basically a sandwich and fruit juice. You don't have to worry because some of the food have a halal logo on it. So just grab that one. Then we entered the Hershey's Chocolate Shop and waited for the USS gate to open.

At 10 am, we successfully entered the park. Before that, we managed to took pictures at the big Universal globe outside the park. The first thing we did there was queuing up to take photo with Woody Woodpecker mascot. Then we checked shows schedule and planned our activities.

in front of the Universal globe

New York

The first show that we watched was Light, Camera, Action! This show was hosted by a local host as well as by Steven Spielberg on the screen. The sound effect show was superbly awesome, fantastic and bombastic! We stood in a studio where it was designed as a ship dock. The rain, fire and wire were so real. Suddenly a big ship came from a door and nearly hit the viewer. Viewer who stood at the first row will definitely get wet!

Far Far Away

We managed to watch two attractions here. First, we watch Donkey Live Show. Not really a live donkey, but he was in 3D animation format. He sang a few songs and later a couple of audience were chosen to interact with him. Unexpectedly, the 3D Donkey will answer any question u asked him.

Shrek 4-D Adventure is also a must-go place. The theatre can fill in hundreds of guests and it is indeed very big and wide hall. The story is basically about Fiona was kidnapped by Lord Farquaad and later was saved by Shrek, Donkey and Dragon. We were sprayed by water whenever the donkey sneezed, tickled by spider under our seats, felt the cold breeze and knocked by moving chairs.

The mascots that could be found here were Shrek, Fiona and Puss in Boots.

The Lost World

We played our first ride in this area which is Canopy Flyer. It's a four seat coaster flying for about 30 seconds? Not really thrilling even though had to queue for 20 minutes.

Waterworld is a stunt show took place in water set. The performers love shooting water to the audience. So, whoever sat in the blue zone will get soaked. The show involves explosives which make it more interesting and exciting.

Most of the rides here are for children like the merry-go-round and spinning pterodactyl rides.


We didn't spend much time here since most attractions are meant for children. However, we got the chance to take photos with the mascots; Alex and Penguins after a long queue. We unfortunately missed our chance with Gloria and the king.

Sci-Fi City

The most thrilling and 'most wanted' rides are located here. Two roller coasters which moved simultaneously at the same time at the tracks which located inside out one another. The theme is Battlestar Galactica. The red track called Human and the blue track called Cylon. The red one is basically just like a normal roller coaster with our feet on the base of the car, while in the blue one, our legs were hanging. For me, the red one was thriller and scarier than the blue one. When it fell, we couldn't feel our body attached to the seats and I was like OMG! ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Caution, this rides are super duper high speed and might not be suitable for some people.

Pity Emie because he didn't ride the blue one due to dizziness after riding the red one. It's okay, next time we go there again okay...

The mascots here were quite strangely dressed. More like futuristic people from outer planets.

Ancient Egypt

We went here to ride the Revenge of the Mummy ride. However, during the queue, we were informed that a technical problem has occurred. Damn it! The queue was very long okay! We didn't play Treasure Hunters as well because it is designed for children and the waiting time is 45 minutes. I was like WTH.....

We had our lunch here at Oasis Spice Cafe. It has a halal logo on the door so we entered without was-was. This cafe serves Arab food and some Asian cuisines such as soto ayam, briyani, hummus and others. The food was great, the soto tasted unique and made me crave for more. However, we had to strict our eating because we still have rides to play.

The mascots here were none other than The Pharaohs and their servants, Cleopatra, King. and Brendan Fraser from The Mummy series. The servants were fierce and naughty because they always picked on small children and girls, scarily chasing them away.


We watched Monster Rock show at Pantage Hollywood Theater. It is a musical show where the performers dressed like monster (Phantom, Mummy, Bride, Vampire, Wolfman, She-wolf and a normal dressed host). They sang live and their song includes Nobody nobody but you which made my seat even hotter. Tak senang duduk, rasa mau joget sekali.

Many mascots at this site were mostly cartoon characters such as Woody Woodpeckers & girlfriend, Betty Boops, Frankestein, Kung Fu Panda, Kate Winslet, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin & Beetlejuice..

At night, we re-entered the park to watch Hollywood Spectacular, a colourful fireworks exhibition at the lake in the middle of the park. Before we re-entered the park, we managed to have a quick stroll at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore to snap some photos there.

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore - $300 per night *pitam sekejap*

Even though the Universal Studios here isn't very big, but walking around this park under a hot sun surely make our feet tired to the most. However, I am still very satisfied because we did what we wanna do here according to our plan although we didn't play all rides or watch all shows.

After we finished our activity here, we took MRT to Bugis St to find a hostel room, however all hostel were fullhouse tonight. We walked further to Little India and found one. Alhamdulillah, we didn't need to sleep on the roadside tonight. The hostel costs us $15 per pax, so it's quite affordable. We had our late dinner at a mamak restaurant nearby.



We started our day with breakfast at McD. We eagerly wanna try the Breakfast Deluxe here. Kenyang gila! 2 hotcakes, 2 english muffins, 1 sausage, 1 scramble egg, 1 hash brown and a tall iced milo. Ewah2, pagi2 dah makan meriah2 kan..

Bugis Street

The bazaar here sells a tonnes of things from clothes, souvenirs, bags and many others including sex shop? LOL.. There's a money changer here as well. We bought our souvenirs mainly from here such as fridge magnets, key chains, deco plate, snow globes, soft toy, t-shirts and small cups. We spend about less than one hour here because we were rushing to go to Sentosa to leave our beg there. The bags were not so heavy, but carrying them along surely make ourselves sweaty like hell.

Sentosa Island

We went back here to put our bag in the locker at the Oasis Lounge again and then continued our tour at Sentosa Island which is located just beside USS. We took a tram to Siloso Beach, camwhoring there before we proceed to Imbiah to snap some photos with giant merlion statue there. The beach was hot and warm until we had to buy calamansi and cranberry slushies to cool down our dry throat. For today, we purchased a one-day tourist pass for MRT and bus for $8 only but must also pay $10 refundable deposit. We proceed to Orchard Road as our next stop.

Orchard Road

This place is full with luxurious buildings mainly shopping malls and branded stores such as LV, Topman & Topshop, Dior and Isetan (Isetan luxurious kah???). We bought ice-cream waffle from the ice-cream vendor there and it was yummy. There are a lot of ice cream vendors along the pathways. We had our lunch at Mcd (again!) to try the new chicken grilled burger. After that, we shopped for I SG t-shirts at Giordano at $13 each. We didn't plan to shop much because we knew the places here are kinda expensive. Other than that, we also visited Al-Falah Mosque to perform our prayer. The mosque is very beautiful, classy and comfortable as well.

Marina Bay

This was our last stop for our journey, it's kinda sad though because our journey finally will end. We came here to watch the merlion statue near the Esplanade. The Sands Skypark is also located here where a big ship could be seen on top of three tall buildings. We can also view Singapore Flyer nearby. Unfortunately, the merlion statue was closed for some sort of hotel-related experience. The entrance closed at 6.15 pm and we were a bit late at that time so we could just see the merlion bottom only.

We took MRT back to Sentosa (to the Oasis Lounge) to pick our bags and clean ourselves before heading back to KL at 10 pm.

What I bought from my trip:
1. USS 'Madagacar' t-shirt
2. USS Shrek lapel pin
3. USS postcards
4. USSs fridge magnets
5. USS 'Madagascar' photo print

6. USS glowing bagdge
7. Giordano I ♥ SG t-shirt
8. Singapore t-shirts from Bugis St
9. Keychains
10. Snow globes
11. I ♥ SG small cup
12. Fridge magnets
13. Deco plate
14. Hershey's York chocolate

Spending on food is absolutely compulsory to refill our energy. We frequently bought mineral water and drinks along our trip.

Tup tap tup tap, I actually spent more than $250! About RM600! *pitam*. Luckily I managed to restrict my desire to buy a $39 Hard Rock t-shirt. If not, I was going to be bankrupt by the next day!
Even though it was a very tiring trip, but I'm satisfied! Maybe I can visit Singapore again to go to other interesting places. I spent a lot! More than my other two friends. Thanks again to Lukman and Emie for becoming my loyal tourist guides during the trip and melayan kerenah I tatkala kaki dah meruntun2 sakit. Sorry to Lukman for blistering his hand after playing the roller coaster. Sorry to Emie also for accusing me hurting him as well.. =p


zoroyz said...

1st time gi singapore best x? tuh je yg ktrg mampu perkenalkn, sorry la yer if xperfect sgt, haha

Unknown said...

alhamdulillah dpt kawan mcm korg.. aku rase perfect sgt trip tu.. kalo kaki x penat, mmg jalan2 maximum..

lukman said...

badan besar uolz, mane kaki x penat kn? tgk emie, badan kecik, kaki kureng penat... jom kuruskan badan... btw. last words tu mmg ade maknenye!

Unknown said...

tula.. aku rase sbb aku da gemuk, so kaki cpt sakit.. pasni harus pegi gym kuruskan badan...

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