Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dinos Alive! @Pusat Sains Negara

Returning to this place brought back sweet 'scientific' memories of 7 years ago when I joined a school trip to Pusat Sains Negara. Now I came back here to watch Dinos Alive! Exhibition with my family not as a secondary school student, but as a university student.. *ewah, ayat nak bajet kelas je kan*

We arrived at Pusat Sains Negara quite early, about 10 am where there was not so many people here yet. So we entered the centre happily with a great price. We got family package price comprising 2 adults + 2 kids at RM25. To student out there, don't forget to bring your student ID to entered at RM5 only (normal adult over 18 price is RM10).

There are several section in this area.

There's a big overhead freshwater aquarium at the entrance with a lot of fish, mostly magnified by the aquarium glass. So they look bigger than usual. By the time we exit the place, there's a diving show took place.


Three elements were highlighted in this area; water, light and wind. We tried several hands-on exhibition including water balance, sound cannon and plasma ball.

Pathways to Science

Just like we had learned during secondary school, this area is full with information and knowledge regarding Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy. There's a DNA models, plant cell model, light reflection, constellation and many other interesting exhibits which we could hands-on during the tour.


Many toys are located here. Not really toys, but they are IQ-based toys which made us think outside the box. I tried the kaleidoscope, cubic model and tic tac toe.

There's also dinosaur mini-games with requires us buying additional tickets per game. But none of us played, mostly children did.

Dinos Alive! Exhibition at atrium and exhibition halls
Two giant Tyrannosaurus or T-Rex and Apatosaurus were place in the middle of the atrium. They can move and roar like the real dinosaurs.

On Level 2, two of the halls were used for the dinosaur exhibition. One hall was for carnivore and others for herbivore. We entered both dark places and the dinosaurs here could also move and roar. No hands-on exhibits here, so we basically entered to take photos.

In the other halls, the exhibits include Flight, Thinking Machine and Energy World. By the time we reached here, they were fulled with school children and we rushed to find our way out.

We went back home at 11.30 am, and many cars and buses were searching for parking spot at that time. Luckily we went there earlier and everything went smoothly.


Unknown said...

cool gile family outing kat pusat sains..
sejam setengah je dik jalan2 dalam tue?? =p

Unknown said...

my family is so cool.. that's why i love them.. haha..

stgh jam cukup kak.. lame2 makin sesak.. rimas lemas...

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