Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oshima Cafe

Oshima Cafe is located at Shah Alam Walk, near Plaza Alam Sentral. Since it's very near to my house, I decided to have dinner there with Emie. We had tried Oshima at Oasis Seksyen 9 for ramen last week. However, the ramen failed to impress us and therefore we ignored ramen for this time to try other menu.

FYI, the Oshima Restaurant at Seksyen 26, Shah Alam have officially move their management here. So the Seksyen 26 restaurant is not in business anymore.

Oshima Cafe

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan

Food additive - sweet soy sauce, chilli, pepper and spicy oil

For two person, we ordered prawn tempura with rice (Ten Don), fried chicken fillet (Chicken Katsu), sushi (5 sets) and California temaki. Each sets of sushi (comprised of 2 sushi) cost RM3 or RM4 or RM5. They were also a new menu promotion where we could get 5 sushi for RM7 but we didn't take it because we already ordered a lot.

for two

Chicken Katsu

Ten Don


California temaki

Orange juice & iced milo

Overall, the food was okay. I love the tempura prawn, it's so crispy and the prawn is quite long. Nom nom nom... The sushi was not bad as well. Yummy... Puas sgt makan.. teramat kenyang sebab semua food is rice-based.

After done with eating, we went to The Store, then to Mydin and lastly to Giant to find a school uniform for my BTN in the next 2 weeks.

That's all for now. With great food, comes great responsibility to reduce weight! *pitam*


ejal said...

sedap2, kenyang hanj, hahaha

Unknown said...

it's a surprise seeing ejal here commenting on my blog post.. haha.. thanks again dude..

LoLLy~ said...

woi brape dah berat ko? exercise ke x kt umah?ngahahaa

Unknown said...

berat maintain ye.. dok umah guling2 badan atas katil je.. haha..

amirahms said...

better ko exercise skang hazwan..nanti kat sana lagi la senang nk tambah berat....

cahaya wawa said...

wahhh since when u care to lose ur weight nih?? alamak.. kne lah kurangkan nom nom nom..

Unknown said...

tak kesah pasal berat pon.. nk kempiskn perut je.. haha..

Fifi said...

Thanks for the info, was searching for halal japanese food in shah alam.

fifa said...

hi there!my sister owns o'shima restaurant..thanks a lot for visiting!do come again next time :)

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