Friday, March 7, 2014

Koh Samui | Thailand (Day 3) - Final

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps~

Today was our final day in Samui. We didn't do much today because our flight back home was at 3 pm. Early in the morning, after we had breakfast at the hotel we took a cab to visit a Muslim village in Ban Hua Thanon. It's quite far from Chaweng and the journey took around half an hour. The taxi fee was 600 baht after some negotiation.

First, we went to the market there and found a roti canai stall. It's a Muslim restaurant. My mom bought a few roti canai for take away.

Next, the taxi driver took us to the mosque there, Masjid Nurul Ihsan. She said there are three mosques around the island. Oh ya, the taxi driver is a Muslim woman. She only worked during the day and in the evening her husband will take over. At the mosque, there is a Muslim school and several food stalls. Thus, we took the chance to buy food for our lunch. We had rice with chicken paprik. 

We ate our lunch in the hotel room and packed our luggages. It's time to go to the airport. While waiting for the shuttle van to arrive, my mom and I went for a walk along the street again. We found a shop which sells t-shirts thus my mom bought some for my siblings. Last minute shopping gituuuu. 

Ok, that's all for my story about Koh Samui. I'll definitely come back for more since this time we didn't have enough time for island hopping and snorkelling. Maybe next time insyaAllah.

Cheers~ :)


ain zulkarnaind said...

sekain terima kasih :)

mmg belum pernah ke sana lg

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