Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Koh Samui | Thailand (Day 2) - Part 1

Hello guys~

We started our second day in Koh Samui with breakfast at the hotel. We had breakfast at 7 am at the opposite building. Chaba Samui Resort is split into two buildings, one is Lake Wing (our room is here) and another one is more expensive which is Ocean Wing. The cafeteria is located at the Ocean Wing. As usual, the breakfast was variable, there were pancakes, toasts, cereals, fried rice, fried noodles, buns, pastries, baked beans, and the stall outside serves egg variety such as omelette, half-boiled eggs and scramble eggs. Since not all food is halal, we only took what we can eat.

At 9 am, we waited at the lobby waiting for our transport came. So, what were we going to do today? It's just a city tour which we had booked through the hotel reception. The tour cost 800 baht which is approximately RM80. There are loads of city tour packages available and we chose Island Safari City Tour simply because their flyers were available at the hotel. The driver came sharp on time with a few passengers.

Our first destination was the Island Safari. There were a few activities that we did here. First, we were given a brief talk about our activities for today. Then, we headed to the Fish Spa where we soaked our feet into a tank of water filled with small fishes. Prior entering the area, the staffs washed and rinsed our feet first to remove any dirt or dust. It was very ticklish when the fish surrounded our feet. We soaked our feet for around 10 minutes before heading to our next stop.

It was the Elephant Show time! We quickly took the seats at the back to get the best view. However, the view wasn't very nice because there's a few poles blocking our vision. There were two elephants on show today. These were Asian elephants which are generally much smaller than the African elephants. African elephants are the ones that you can see in safari and they cannot sit down like the Asian ones. The elephants showed their talents such as rotating the hulla hoops, massaging people, playing football and dancing.

After the elephant show ended, we continued with Elephant Ride at a different station. Since we came in three, we had to wait for a bigger elephant to came. Usually they only allow two person per elephants. We also bought some bananas to feed the elephant. The elephant brought us around the track which include some up and down of the route and passed by a few wooden houses.

Done with the ride, we continued our activity with the Monkey Show. Only one monkey perform the show while the other two just swinging around at the back. The show included coconut picking, cycling, guitar playing and some other performances. The monkey show ended with the monkey showed its talent in untying ropes that bound the legs and hands of a child hostage. It was fun watching all of these shows. Something that I'll remember some day. Maybe.. Lol

to be continued..


ain zulkarnaind said...

bercuti with parents je ek?

Unknown said...

Yup.. dgn parents je.. :)

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